Conichee com Reviews

Conichee com reviews? This website deals in Milwaukee toolbox and cabinets to help you organize your garage and do any new DIY on your list.

There are so many E-Commerce stores selling these tools and cabinets in the United States. It becomes necessary to do a background check to know the difference between fraudulent and genuine sources. In this article, we will help you analyze this website to make an informed decision about them.

What is a conichee com?


The conichee com is an e-commerce dealing in Milwaukee cabinets, tool kits, mobile cabinets, workbenches, etc. They do not endorse all the products from the Milwaukee company. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and an easy return within 60 days. 

The website has several positive reviews listed that may lead you to believe it has many trusted customers. They are selling these products at an unreasonably cheap rate that makes us question their legitimacy. The website has no official affiliation with the Milwaukee company. 

Therefore we cannot be confident about the products that they are selling are original or fake. We would recommend our readers to read conichee com reviews before making any substantial purchase.


  • Contact Address – Not provided
  • Customer Care Number – Not provided
  • Email Address – You can email them at this address
  • Payment Method – Pay through any Credit or debit cards, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal.
  • Category of the Website – They currently deal in various toolboxes, cabinets, and mobile benches.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product usually takes about 4-10 business days to get delivered. It can take a long time according to your location.
  • Return of Product – They offer a 60 days return period. 
  • Shipment Process – They send a tracking ID to you after you place your order.
  • Delivery method – They offer standard Shipping through DHL/USPS/ EMS/ epackets.


  • They offer products of a reputed brand Milwaukee.
  • The products can be returned within 60 days of purchase.
  • Their services are available all around the globe.
  • They offer a swift delivery and numerous payment options.


  • The customer care service is very under satisfactory and delayed.
  • They are not official retailers of the Milwaukee company.
  • No contact information is provided on their website.
  • The email address provided is used by many other similar websites too.
  • The website has set a limitation that each customer can only buy one product.

Is conichee com scam?


Conichee com is a dubious and newly created suspicious website. It has no user base and slow traffic. We did thorough research on their entire website and found many red flags that made us skeptical. We cannot trust a website that is hesitant in providing its contact information and details of the owner. 

Most of the content and theme of the website is a copy of other platforms. Conichee com reviews present on their website do not provide any authentic proof to justify their legitimacy. The domain is Wansanao and, its website name is the toolbox that depicts unprofessionalism. Any trustworthy website will never keep two different names. 


Conichee com has a low trust score that is 1.2 and, lack of customer feedback suggests unreliability of the platform. Therefore, we are not confident about its legitimacy and suggest our readers use the official Milwaukee website to buy their products.

Conichee com reviews by the customers?

The customers have reported a pleasant experience in the review section present on their platform. Their website is full of positive but, we think that these reviews are enlisted by the developers and not issued by any customer. 

We tried to find reviews on open platforms but failed to get any authentic customer feedback. They lack social media handles that blind us to their customer feedback on these platforms. We do not trust this website, but we cannot pass any solid judgment against it due to a lack of information.


Please do not take our word for holy grail; you may visit their website and surf through their platform.


The United States is one of the biggest online markets, and we see new E-Commerce stores popping up every day. It is a newly created website with many red flags that put it under the suspicious radar. Read conichee com reviews before investing your money into any of their products. 

Social media presenceNo
Trust score1.2
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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