Costco membership requirements UK | Pros, Cons & Reviews 2022

What are the Costco membership requirements UK? Get all the details on the membership process and avail all benefits now. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Savings is the best thing one can do. In our current times, the budget is increasing for everything. There are different expenses where one spends all their earnings as prominent people are looking for new ways to save money. The one section which consumes a much wealth is groceries and daily essentials.

Costco is a big marketplace for retailers to stock up on their products. In these outlets, people can find budget-friendly things for wholesale or in bulk. They offer membership to shop with them because they are unavailable for all common people. Many facts are hidden from the eyes of people.

What is Costco?


Here we are going to talk about Costco membership requirements UK. Before that, let’s talk about Costco UK. All over the U.K, Costco has more than 27 warehouses. They sell products in bulk orders, meaning you have to pay less than your regular shopping.

Intelligent people found it a great option to save on their regular expenses. Though some criteria for buying products from these warehouses, one must have an ID card or membership card to buy and access their shops.

What are the requirements for Costco membership?

This membership plan is not accessible to all. The first and foremost criteria are one must be on or above 28 years and have a citizenship or business certificate authorized by the government. There is a query that can anyone join Costco or not?

Here is the answer to the question. Only some people of specific occupations can join Costco. Apart from that, some restrictions are related to a group of people. We are going to share all allowed people who are eligible for Costco membership requirements UK:

  • Bankers
  • Member of local government
  • Officials of finance
  • Firemen
  • officers who are with rescue
  • Police
  • Airplane related people
  • Post officers
  • People who are part of the education system
  • Civil service
  • Medicare or health services

People from this part of their career can easily avail their membership with the necessary identity proof.  Also, some other people have access, but the criteria are one must be qualified or achieved below mentioned certificate for Costco membership requirements:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Doctor the specializes in dentistry, optics, pharmacy
  • Law and legislative people like advocates, magistrates, barristers
  • Architect
  • Surveyor Chartered
  • Civil Engineers

Can I go to Costco UK without a membership?

In our Research on Costco membership requirements UK, we found that one may have the membership cards to go and shop from Costco. Though the card is not mandatory to shop from their online website, you must pay a delivery fee without the membership.

Can you shop at Costco without being a member?

Yes, if you shop from their official website, you can shop at Costco without being a member, which costs nothing but an extra delivery fee.

How to get a Costco card for free UK?

In our analysis of Costco membership requirements UK, we see that many people repeatedly ask about a free membership card, but sorry to inform you that there is nothing available like free membership; you have to pay for a membership card. Naturally, there is no way to get it.

Costco trade membership requirements?


In the trade membership, you have to provide several things to get qualified for the trade membership. We listed everything below to give you a better idea of it:

  • Registration certificate of vat
  • Business evidence from at least 3 months
  • Insurance certificate of public liability
  • The license of the taxi driver
  • Bank card of business
  • Cheque book of business
  • Photographic identification
  • Accounts of company
  • Invoices purchased
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance certificate of employer’s liability
  • Business license

Costco membership deals UK?

With the lowest rate, Costco also provides the best Costco deals, which are also beneficial. With the new Costco gold star member card, you can get up to a $40 discount on orders above $250.

Also, whenever someone pays with Mastercard, they win some incentives, which also help to get discounts on their purchases.

How to get a Costco membership?

There are three ways available to join Costco. One is visiting any offline outlets or warehouses. Give them a call on 18007742678 or sign-up Costco card online.


For online sign-up, one must visit the official site of join Costco:

  • After visiting it, you must click on the appropriate one, whether personal or business.
  • Then choose your plan executive or gold.
  • After that, you must fill in all details and submit soft copies of your identification.
  • They will ask you to clear the payment when the verification is done.
  • And here, your process is done, and you must wait until you get the card.

Costco membership UK cost?

It is time to reveal the most asked part of the card—the actual cost. The membership card 8s is priced at $60 in all annual membership fees and is entirely valid on all Costco outlets worldwide. But the gold star card is charged $120 per year.


We talked a lot about Costco membership requirements UK. We tried to share various crucial details about the membership card and its requirements. Also, we discussed many things; hopefully, all of them are helpful for you.

Please share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. We would love to know your views on it.



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