Cashandgo co reviews | Beware, Read This (2022)

Avoiding all the confusing information about Cash and Go, we have collected some solid details and cashandgo co reviews? This article will help you to decide.

Now technology got so much improved that one can get loans digitally. Have you ever heard of this kind of service? In today’s life, digital banking is a known term, but digital loan is a little unknown thing. With the new development, new services are introduced regularly. You will also read that how to protect yourself from scams.

Most of them are online and can be accessible at home. So, here we will talk about a platform that is open to requests for a loan online. The name of the company is cashandgo. There are different aspects available about the company, and also, there is a question about its legitimacy. We are going to solve all these here. 

What is cashandgo co?

Cash and go is a digital platform that allows you to lend money from the organization to twenty thousand without paperwork. Though there are some rules like you, have to deposit a little amount of money to their account.

It can be in two installments, but you have to deposit cash in the account to lend the loan from them. All their work is done with both website and cash and goes application. But according to them and research, the application is a bit smoother than the website.

The application is readily available on the Google play store and Apple AppStore. Let’s know about cashandgo co reviews.


  • Category: Finance 
  • Type: digital 
  • The full name of the company: cash and go instant personal loan
  • Contact number: 9513509722
  • Availability of toll-free number: No
  • Email address:
  • Contact address: s515 Manipal center fifth-floor trinity metro Bangalore: 560042


  • No paperwork is needed for a sanctions loan.
  • The process of a loan is instant and hassle-free.
  • There is no need to pay a high-interest rate; they offer personal loans at low-interest rates.
  • No mortgage system is applied for loans.


  • The developer details are missing from the application.
  • Ratings and reviews are very contradictory.
  • The application design and website design are inferior.

Is cash and go legit?

Now here is something important about cashandgo co reviews. This is not a legit website or company, and we found numerous alarming facts and negative points about their legitimacy. The ratings of the applications are good, but the reviews section contrasts with the ratings. We saw tons of bad reviews and lousy experience stories.

Many people complained that they secretly get access to all their data and misuse it in illegal works. The social image of this company is also wrong, and no reasonable comments are available on the internet.

So, according to us, this is a scam website. The trust score is deficient at 1%.

What are the cashandgo co reviews?

Now is the time to unfold reviews. As we said earlier, the review section is very harmful, and we only found unsatisfied and angry users and customers of them.

Ray.M says,

This company is a fake company that only promises to give loans and intends to take all personal data and illegally use it in their scam work. They also send counterfeit messages attached to suspicious links.

Morgan Wilson says,

In his opinion, this company is a rubbish one. There is no means to apply for any personal loan; they can only make fake promises and disappoint you. The customer service is very inactive, and you can never get any response from them.

Fred. A says in his cashandgo co reviews,

After submitting all details online, he noticed that he started getting fake calls and threat calls from unknown numbers; every her contact is also getting the same. He never gets any update about the loan. In his opinion, it is better to stay away from this company.

Miller says,

After depositing the money, she tried several to withdraw it, but there was no response, and every time the procedure got failed. Although all her money got lost, she didn’t get the loan; the experience with this company only caused her trauma.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  1% 
Social media presence  No
Customer opinion Yes    

Here we shared everything on cashandgo co reviews. This is a fraudulent company, and it is better to maintain a safe distance from them. Never thought to try this website, and they are always ready to fool people and get some profit. So, be wise and keep away from them.

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