Cuisinart Stand Mixer Reviews

Get all the latest update on Cuisinart stand mixer reviews? Cooking and baking are an everyday part of our lives and, to make it easy, there are so many machines and tools introduced to the market. In this article, we are going to discuss multipurpose equipment that is a necessity for all bakers.

In the United States, baking is considered a happy activity for special occasions. Whether a professional cook or housewife, a Cuisinart mixer will help you achieve the perfect taste in every dish. Read further to know more about its Reviews and specifications.

What is Cuisinart stand mixer?

Stand mixer from Cuisinart is a range of seven powerful machines used for heavy-duty mixing. You can perform several tasks using it like whipping cream, kneading any particular food or grain. They are intact with a flat beater. 


You also get a dough hook for multipurpose and, several other Accessories are present that can get attached as per need.

Cuisinart is all about Customer care and good service. You get free shipping on orders from the official Cuisinart website. All the items are also available on various e-commerce giants. Total seven items with 56 parts are available. 


  • Precision Master™ 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer SM-50G
  • Precision Master™ 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer 5.0
  • Precision Pro 5.5-Quart Digital Stand Mixer SMD-50GRPH
  • Precision Pro 5.5-Quart Digital Stand Mixer 0.0
  • Fruit Scoop™ Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment IC-50
  • Fruit Scoop™ Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment 4.6
  • PrepExpress™ Spiralizer/Slicer Attachment SPI-50
  • PrepExpress™ Spiralizer/Slicer Attachment 5.0
  • Pasta Roller And Cutter Attachment PRS-50
  • Pasta Roller And Cutter Attachment 5.0
  • Meat Grinder Attachment MG-50
  • Meat Grinder Attachment 4.4
  • Pasta Extruder Attachment PE-50
  • Pasta Extruder Attachment 3.8

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  • It has a 500-watt motor.
  • It gets constructed with a die-cast metal.
  • 12-speed modes allow you to work at a low noise level with efficiency.
  • It has a 5.5-quart space bowl for keeping all the content.
  • The tilt bach of the head allows better performance and access in the bowl.
  • They have provided an extra power outlet to attach any other Accessories.
  • Some other items for professional usage are also present. Like a whisking tool, hook for dough, a flat paddle for mixing, splash protection.
  • It comes with a recipe book and instructions guide to help you understand the machinery.
  • They provide three years warranty for all items.
  • The color options available are Silver Lining, Onyx, Periwinkle Blue, Ruby Red, White Linen, Robin’s Egg.
  • Extra accessories that can be attached are Pasta Extruder, Pasta Roller & Cutters, Ice Cream Maker, Meat Grinder, Spiralizer. Please continue reading for Cuisinart stand mixer reviews.


  • Numerous Accessories are available that can get attached.
  • There are 12 different speed modes.
  • 500-watt motor gives power for the whole machine to work efficiently.
  • Multiple color options are available.
  • Free shipping if you purchase from the official website.
  • It is also available on many E-Commerce giants.


  • Some experiments show that it does not work efficiently to mix less quantity.
  •  Speed variation doesn’t work effectively.
  • The attachment available in this brand is limited and lesser than other competitive companies.
  • All products get manufactured in China so, no quality check gets performed.

Is Cuisinart stand mixer legit?


Cuisinart has become a reputed kitchen appliances brand in the United States and, many well-known professional chefs like James Beard have Reviewed it as an excellent brand. 

They started business in the 1970s but, they introduced a stand mixer in 2007. They have been continuously improving technology and making progress in every aspect.

According to their claims, the product is supposed to last long after its warranty period and, many Cuisinart stand mixer reviews also support them. They have made all the models available at reasonable prices that make it much more affordable than its competitors. 


You can buy the machines from an E-Commerce shop directly to get extra discounts and better deals.

Cuisinart stand mixer reviews

All the mixers got reviewed as above average with excellent efficiency. It has got 4.7/5 stars on open platforms and received an excellent rating of 85%. There are a lot of mixed reviews but, most of the people seem satisfied with the machine. 

It’s popular among consumers due to its low price as compared to its competitors. There are some design flaws like if you attach any accessory, it will not reach the bottom of the bowl, which leaves some unmixed food at the bottom. 


Other Flaws:

  • You will need to do some mixing manually to keep it all together. 
  • You cannot use it for whisking or kneading a small amount. Other than this, it is an amazing mixer with good reviews. 
  • You can compare others options as well before making any substantial purchase.


Cuisinart stand mixer reviews? It is an efficient machine at affordable prices. There are many choices in the United States and, you weigh all options. Many people have researched and found it to be the best option at such a reasonable price.

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