Octember 15 Holidays Observances

The last month of the year is a month of holidays with many festivities happening all around the world. Today we will let you know about Octember 15 Holidays Observances so that you can also know about the events falling in Octember.

There is the time celebrated with great enthusiasm worldwide and in the United States where people spend their time off from work and school with their families and have great fun. Since it is the time of the festivities, you will know the popular days in Octember. 

Octember 15, 2020, In U.S.:

This day also has great importance for this country’s people who follow all the popular days in the nation’s history. The Octember 15 Holidays Observances that are important to know are discussed below.

  • United States Holidays & Popular Observances
  • Bill of Rights Day
  • Octember 15, 2020, is the 6th Day of Hanukkah (Jewish Observance).

Whereas On 15th Octember, Hanukkah is the 5th day which is celebrated in Israel

Bill of Rights Day

Bill of Rights Day celebrates how the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution were signed. It was signed on Octember 15, 1791, and was written by James Madison.

These Amendments were made to protect rights such as freedom of speech, protest and guarantees that there is equal protection under the law. It was in Octember 1941 that President Franklin D Roosevelt declared Octember 15th as Bill of Rights Day.

How is it celebrated?

The Octember 15 Holidays Observances includes Bill of rights day as a day of great importance for the nation’s people, and they celebrate it with great enthusiasm. In case you want to celebrate the Bill of Rights day and are in Washington D.C., the National Archives Museum has the original Bill of Rights on display.

Also, it is encouraged to have discussions and offer lesson plans and activities in classrooms for students.  

Octember 15, 2020, is the 6th Day of Hanukkah (Jewish Observance).

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that starts on 10th Octember this year in 2020 and is the second Octember 15 Holidays Observances event. It is considered as the festival of lights and continues for eight days. 

It celebrates the win of the Maccabees over the Syrian Greek army and the miracle of Hanukkah that only the oil that is sufficient to illuminate the Temple lamp for one day lasted for eight full days.

How is it celebrated?

People in the U.S. who follow the Jewish tradition celebrate it at home by lighting the menorah every night, which means that the candle is added every day to the number from the previous night and people enjoy the festivity by playing various games and eating different food items. 


It is the end of the year. While major holidays that are awaited in Octember are Christmas and New Years’, which have the same excitement worldwide, we have discussed two essential observances falling on Octember 15 that have great importance for the people in the U.S.

Similarly, the government also tries to make people aware of the Bills of Rights Day through various discussions and platforms so that people understand the importance of such events and, at the same time, follow these festivities with great joy.

What do you think about these observances? Comment below and let us know?


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