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Deer Craft Store Reviews

Today we have come with an interesting topic for our loving readers, i.e., Deer Craft Store Reviews, which will help you get an idea about your daily lifestyle needs. Deer Craft Store shows the different types of products to purchase easily as per their requirements. 

The company delivers the product to many countries like United States, Australia, Europe, and many more. This article will also help you know whether the website is legit or not so that you don’t invest more time in researching. 

About Deer Craft Store:

The deer Craft store is an online shopping store that offers clothing, accessories, and decorative products as per customer demands. The company is focusing more on innovative and handmade items.

It was founded to provide decorative items, gears, clothing, and accessories online at an affordable rate. According to Deer Craft Store Reviews, products are beautifully designed with excellent quality and uniqueness.

Deer Craft Store Specification:

  • Website Link: You can have a look at to get more details.
  • Contact Address of the company: 1880, Rose street, Oakland, Califonia94612.
  • Contact Details: The customer care number is not present, but it allows the video chat option to their clients for any support.
  • Email id: For any customer support, you may contact
  • Category of the product: Decorative items, accessories, gears, etc.
  • Product Delivery: The delivery time is different as per the country like in the United States it will take 20 days, in Australia time is 14-20 days, in Canada, its 16-25 days, Europe and other countries it will take 3-5 weeks. Due to high canceled flights and Covid-19, delivery time can be extended.
  • Payment methods are PayPal, debit, and credit cards.
  • Refund Amount: You get the refund amount within seven days of receiving your order, and you can return the product only in the following cases: change in size, damaged item, received the wrong item.

Deer Craft Store Pros of Deer Craft Store:

  • It offers various products at discounted prices.
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  • You will get a quality and unique product.
  • You will have a live chat option for your concern.
  • You can track your order easily on the website.
  • As per Deer Craft Stores Reviews, all information is available on the website.
  • Handmade products are available at an affordable rate.

Cons of Deer Craft Store:

  • The domain is new, so we cannot trust it easily.
  • Trust score is deficient i. e 1%
  • It lacks a social presence.
  • Contact information is not present.

Is the Website Legit or not?

We have done a lot of research and analysis for our readers, and we have concluded that the website looks suspicious because it is not fulfilling the following parameters, which are as under:

  • The domain is unknown, which lacks credibility.
  • The website shares the useless link to attract buyers.
  • It uses duplicate images and content.

What are the Deer Craft Store Reviews?

We have not found any reviews from social media. Yet some reviews are available on the company’s official website, but it looks like 50% fake reviews. So we recommend our readers do proper research individually before purchasing anything.


As we have mentioned all the points above, you can guess what we want to conclude, as this website is new, but we found some reviews are available on its official page, so we have to give some time to this website. We clearly cannot state that it is not legit.

Have you made any purchases from this store? You can share your reviews with us; it will help others also.

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