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In devatha serial today episode, Is Ramya going to suspect Radha to be Rukmini? Devatha serial has given all the viewers as a shocking twist in recent times. No one ever expected that Rukmini would leave her husband and family for the well-being of Satya. We didn’t expect that the serial would be fast-forwarded to 10 years.

But one thing we all expected was the end of the serial. We all thought, what will be the matter of continuing serial when the heroine is dying. But the director had some other plans. 

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He made Rukmini alive but with another name as Radha. As the story is going around Devi and Chinmayi visiting Aditya’s house frequently, the spiciness in the serial returned.

Everyone is waiting for the moment when Aditya suspects Devi to be her daughter. If this happens, then it should be revealed that Rukmini and Radha are the same. 


But then, what happens to Satya? Will she call off her marriage? Or even before that, did Aditya becomes close to Satya? Let us what happens in today’s episode.

Did Ramya Question Radha about the photo?

As we all known, Ramya’s character was introduced very recently. Though he is not a member of Madhava’s family, they allowed her to stay as her lost wife’s sister. 

After coming to this house, Ramya tries to make everyone in the family with all good intentions. And she aimed to set things all right in the family before she went back to her place.

On the eve of Varalakshmi Vratam, Satya gracefully invited everyone from Radha’s family. With half heart, Radha sent both of her children to Satya’s house along with Ramya. 

There two magnificent things have happened. First, Ramya observed Satya while giving the first ‘Tambulam’ to Rukmini, a photograph of Radha. It made her doubt Radha. She had various suspicions and seriously wanted to know the hidden connection between Radha and Aditya’s family.


In the same episode, we have seen Madhava fighting with Aditya, not to call their children anymore. In anger, he hits Aditya, and he gets injured. Madhava angrily takes both the children home along with Ramya in the devatha serial today episode.

How did Rukmini react to the fight?

As soon as Radha knows about the fight between Madhava and Aditya, she starts to feel bad for Aditya. She thinks Devi is his daughter, but he needs to face Madhava’s anger for taking Devi due to circumstances. 

But Radha couldn’t control this emotion, and without thinking, he shouts at Madhava for fighting with Aditya and asks him not to stop the children from going to Aditya’s house.

By this abnormal behavior of Radha, Ramya gets that there is some connection between Radha and Aditya, which she has been hiding from all these years. Being an investigator, in devatha serial today episode, she askes Radha about the photograph. 

Rukmini gets stunned by the question, and she is seen hesitating about what to answer. We should wait for one more episode to know her response.

Will Aditya gets cool?

While examining Aditya’s wound, the doctor says there is nothing to worry about. He doesn’t get angry for Madhava’s behavior as he is correct in his point; no one will send their children to other’s houses for no cause. 


But Devudamma, Satya, Bhagya, Basha, Kamala were disappointed and at the same time angry with Madhava.

Being a sweetheart to Aditya, Devi feels very bad for Aditya. Without getting to the notice of anyone in the family, she calls Aditya secretly and apologizes for Madhava’s behavior. This little gesture of Devi makes Aditya feel good, and this episode ends.


In devatha serial today episode, Ramya questions Radha about her photograph in Aditya’s house. Else, everyone feels bad for the fight between Aditya and Madhava. To know Rukmini’s response to Ramya, we should wait for another episode.


Will Aditya get to know that Rukmini is alive?

If Ramya knew the flashback story of the couple, he would let everyone know. But, until then, there are no chances of revealing the truth.


What is the timing of the devatha serial today episode?

Devatha serial will be telecasted at 8:30 pm from Monday to Saturday on Star maa channel. It can also be viewed on Disney+ Hotstar anytime.

What has happened to Satya’s baby?

Unfortunately, Satya lost her baby while she was giving birth. On the same day, Rukmini gave birth to Devi.

Is Satya, sister of Durga Gade? 

Satya, whose full real name is Vaishnavi, is the sister of Durga Gade, who is seen in almost three serials in Star maa. These sisters are both actors and are acting in the same channel.


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