Did Crainer and Thea Break Up – Boyfrind Gossip and Relationships 2022

Did crainer and thea break up? Every day there is some news breaking that people patch up or break up, or someone got into relationships. And the interesting fact is not only in the television or film industry and in the YouTube industry. 

There are different Youtubers couples in the industry, and they belong to different genres. Some of them are making game-related videos, some are related to gaming, and some belong to fashion or any fun activity. Let’s find out who they are and what the reason is.

About Crainer

Crainer whose real name is Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard. He took the name of the Crainer when he entered the YouTube industry. In our research on his background, we can’t find other information about his father and mother. Though we get to know them, he has a sister named Josefine.

He first launched his career in gaming through the twitch platform. When he achieved a massive follower rate, he switched to YouTube.


He has two-channel one is his primary channel centered on Minecraft gaming, and another is for Roblox separately in the name of crainerRoblox.

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We will shortly share did crainer and thea break up or not. We get to know about many interesting stories about them be with us to know more.

NameBenjamin Dreyer Vestergaard
Birth date1994 12th Dec
Age27 years according to current analysis
RelationshipT. Kornum
ProfessionGamer on different gaming platform

Who is Thea?

The full name of Thea Kornum. She belongs to Denmark. But the most important thing about her career is she is not separately famous. She gets the acknowledgment when she opens a YouTube account with her boyfriend, and her gaming videos start getting popular.


The name of her channel is Thea and Crainer Minecraft. In this channel, we see that she posted a video of her playing games related to Minecraft with her boyfriend. Let’s see did crainer and thea break up or not.

NameThea Kornum
Birth date1998 22ndapril
OccupationYouTuber Instagram influencer  
Boyfriend nameCrainer

How do they get into a Relationship?

Before discussing did crainer and thea break up, let’s know their relationship first and see how they met. They meet through social media. After a break with Laursen,

Thea met Crainer and started dating each other. However, there is nothing such a magical story. Let’s see, if crainer and thea break up or not?

They always maintain secrecy in their personal life. Not much information is available about them, and it is hard to find any personal details. But their prank videos are available. All we know from these videos are they are on some good trip and some hilarious prank on each other.

Did crainer and thea break up?


Crainer and Thea just got married after a couple of months of dating, and they are pleased with their relationship. Crainer is a private person who loves to keep things private and keeps his life going on.

When they first get into a relationship, they are not sharing much stuff about themselves.

They take a lot more time to know each other and get married in 2019. After that date, they start sharing numerous prank videos and a couple of blogs. 

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One day in such videos, we notice they give a headline of break up. But after watching the whole video, we get that this is a prank video, and some rumors start spreading from this video. But the truth of whether crainer and thea break up is that they are not going to break up.

Since 2019 they have been happy and enjoying their married life privately and socially. You can find all those videos on the channel of crainer, and there’s the channel.


Expectedly everything related to did crainer and thea break up is visible and transparent in your mind. They are not going to break their relationship and be happy with each other, and this news is nothing but just a rumor. 

Please share your experiences and views on them and their videos in the comment section below. We are waiting to see your feedback in the respective sections.


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