Disposable face mask factories

Are you seeking disposable face mask factories details? Nowadays, the use of the mask is increasing for the contemporary situation of the entire world. The sudden demand for masks and other accessories has risen this industry to extraordinary heights. Many people are seeking various kinds of masks and trusted companies to buy masks from the trusted companies. 

We are coming up with some great names of various companies and other crucial information related to this topic. You can find various answers to your queries. There are a lot of things waiting for you to be revealed. All facts about the mask and their companies are here in this article. Be with us to know everything about this program.

What is a disposable face mask? 

The other name of such kinds of masks is surgical masks. Everyone can use such types of masks for one use. All medical officials are wearing such masks for protection. Apart from them, many people are using such kinds of masks. 

What are the different kinds of masks available?

There are three different kinds of masks available on the market. 

  • Surgical or disposable masks.
  • Clothes mask.
  • Filtered mask.

Some famous Disposable face mask manufacturers companies?

There are many companies of disposable face mask factories available all over the world. But we created a list of the best companies here.

  • Cardinal Health.
  • Honeywell international.
  • 3M company.
  • Medline industries.
  • Owens and minors.
  • Cantel medical corporations.
  • Ambu a/s.
  • Uvex group.
  • Alpha Protech.
  • Make.


  • The headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, supplies non-disposable respirators, filters, and cartridges while also providing molded, half, and flat fold disposable N95 masks with and without valves. 
  • Honeywell also offers protection products for chemicals, vapors and gas, welding, airborne particulates, and contamination.
  • Based out of St. Paul, MN, 3M manufactures surgical masks, including attached face shields and N95 respirators. 
  • The company also offers other surgical supplies, including scrub, drapes, tape, skin prep, closures, antimicrobial dressing, and post-operative dressing.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

  • This company’s offerings include procedural, surgical, and N95 masks, as well as face veils, filters, pleated, and children’s masks.
  • The company is based in Irving, TX. Headquartered in Hampton, NH, Foss Performance Materials’ Spectra Shield Products, through Nexera Medical, including N99 respirator masks and N95 protectors. (Disposable face mask factories)

Prestige Ameritech

  • This is a North Richland Hills, TX, that offers surgical and N95 masks and face shields, glasses, and visors made in the USA.
  • The company ships only within the United States.

Alpha Pro Tech

  • This is in Westchester, PA, manufactures its products in the USA. It supplies N95 respirators and masks with and without shields, veils, and other medical personal protective clothing.


  • This company is based out of Taiwan, has the most private label options on the list.
  • Its products include industrial masks, including both disposable and reusable types. It also offers surgical masks, including those with N95 respirators.


  • These offerings include N95 surgical masks in multiple sizes, including flat-folding versions, as well as hearing protection products. 
  • The company, whose masks are made in the USA, is based in Culver City, CA.

Shanghai Dasheng

  • This Health Products Manufacture Company is headquartered in Shanghai, China. 
  • The company offers NIOSH regulation N95 and N99 masks as well as medical and other masks and goggles.

Apart from this, there are some other companies and disposable face mask factories, which are;

  • Aero Pro Company supplies molded and flat-folding disposable N95 surgical masks, folding N95 disposable respirators, and non N95 surgical masks in adult and children’s sizes. The company is based out of Changhua City, Taiwan.
  • Also based in Shanghai, Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Company supplies multiple-layer surgical masks for daily wear and N95 masks with activated carbon options.
  • In Middleboro, MA, Louis M. Gerson Company offers disposable N95 respirators as molded and cupped disposable masks. The company also offers respirators and filters for welding, painting, silica and concrete, mold remediation, and vapor.


Hopefully, everything is clear till now related to this topic of disposable face mask factories. We try to gather everything about this topic and present it in front of your eyes.

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