Earth breeze laundry sheets reviews

Are you looking for earth breeze laundry sheets reviews? Then, you will get honest customer reviews in this article. Who doesn’t get excited to use eco-friendly products and made of entirely natural products? It is always exciting, right! Also, these completely-natural products give us a fresh feel whenever we use them.

Earth laundry sheets are sheets we can use to clean and wipe cloths. We can also get fragrant and perfume sheets from the same company and laundry sheets. But are these sheets handy? What do customers say about these sheets? We will see all the details in the following sessions of this article.

What are earth breeze laundry sheets?

The success of Earth Breeze as a company began in 2019. Jon Wedel, an environmentalist, created the firm to reduce waste by providing greenwashing sheets. In the coming sessions, we will see earth breeze laundry sheets reviews. 

The company is quite forthright about its environmental effect. To summarize, this is what Earth Breeze is up to in terms of environmental philanthropy. Earth Breeze has made waves to alter the laundry sheet game with Real Simple, Shape Magazine, and the Morning Call features. The brand has 105k Instagram followers and 40k followers on social media.

This Earth Breeze review will provide you with background information, pros and disadvantages, product descriptions, customer reviews, shipping and return policies, and FAQ to assist you in making an informed decision.


  • The company plants a tree for every 100 followers.
  • Earth Breeze distributes ten loads of laundry to individuals in need for every package of Earth Breeze sold. We will see all these details in the earth breeze laundry sheets reviews section. 
  • The company is carbon-neutral, which means it emits no CO2.
  • It is a member of 1 Percent for the Planet, which donates 1% of revenues to environmental organizations.
  • Throughout the transportation procedure, no plastic was utilized at all.
  • When you combine all of this with the company’s cruelty-free certification, vegan goods, and recyclable packaging, you’ve got one compassionate organization.

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Let us see the positives of this brand before we go to earth breeze laundry sheets reviews. 

  • Offers completely environmentally friendly laundry sheets
  • Plastic Free Shipping is one of the best policies that the company has. 
  • Free shipping is available everywhere, not only in the United States. 
  • Cruelty-free is only sold.
  • All the products are vegan. 
  • Every sheet that you use is recyclable. 
  • If you subscribe to their application and buy these sheets, you save more as they give a lot of discounts for subscribers. 
  • They will give full refunds if you want to return your products.  
  • It is Eco-conscious and a good alternative for waste-free laundry products.

We couldn’t find any cons for this brand and their product. Please mention us in the comment section below if you come across one.  

Is using earth breeze sheets safe?

If you’re concerned about spending responsibly, we believe you’ll like the product. The brand is far superior to those found in every laundry aisle regarding environmental impact.

Earth Breeze is also a strong supporter of charitable donations. Through their Buy One Give Ten campaign, the corporation helps a variety of grassroots national non-profits and philanthropic groups. Along with their partners, they also support and collaborate on other worthwhile projects.

So, if you care about the environment and giving back, or if you love free delivery, give them a try!

What are earth breeze laundry sheets reviews?

A few reviews are available over the web, which we found in our extensive research. The customer’s review this product as follows:

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  • The website contains two types of products. 1 pack and 12 packs.
  • They are all vegan. And all are Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Phthalate-free, Phosphate-free, Bleach-free, Dye-free. 
  • They quickly dissolve in cold water or hot water and wash cleanly.
  • These sheets are made of dehydrated, concentrated detergentthat doesn’t create extravagantly horrible water waste.

Also, they say that the package is biodegradable. And the sheets work well in all seasons. 


As we have seen earth breeze laundry sheets reviews, they conclude that it is good to use. It is environment-friendly and is recyclable. So, if you want a good alternative for your laundry, this can be the one.

What do you think about these sheets? Mention us in the comment section below. 

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