El Paso electric company

One of the most well-known El Paso electric company is a Texas, United States based power Generation Company. The company is divided into three-part, i.e., power generation, transmission, and distribution. They are active in west Texas, New Mexico, and in few other parts of Mexico.

The El Paso electric company CEO is Kelly Tomblin, with over a thousand employees working actively, makes this company one of the recognized electric companies of North America. In the 2019 trade sanction, El Paso is owned by JP Morgan Chase; the company bought it for $4.3 billion and carried El Paso’s $1.5 billion utility debt.

The company is more than 100 years old now but somehow failed to stand up from restrain and sold it to JP Morgan Chase. The company also deals in natural gas, solar power, and nuclear fuel. The company also holds interest in several electric generating companies; it distributes over 2,085 megawatts. 

El Paso electric company in defense

The company El Paso company service area is not limited to only public dealings but also in defense industries; El Paso did several installation and electrical equipment supplies to the US military and Airforce. There clients/installations in:

  • Fort Bliss, Texas
  • White Sands missile range
  • Holloman Air Force Base 

Subsidiary unit:

Although, El Paso electric company has several shareholdings and owned companies spread over in the United States like:

  • Electric Power Generation
  • Electric Utilities
  • Generation, electric power
  • Transmission, electric power
  • Distribution, electric power

El Paso electric customer service number

  • 1-800-592-1634
  • (915) 543-5711

Customer Service

  • Texas: (915) 543-5970
  • New Mexico: (575) 526-5555

El Paso electric outage phone number

Please note down the El Paso electric phone number El Paso Tx.

  • Texas: (915) 877-3400
  • New Mexico: (575) 523-7591

El Paso Electric Company Rates

As a customer, you have the right to get information about the rates. Utility charges involve different rate traffics and other factors as well under specific rules and regulations. 

Factors may vary according to different states. There are various state-specific rules and regulations as prescribed by the government. 

For more inquiries, you can contact the El Paso electric company customer service number or either mail to the company.


  • El Paso Company, El Paso Tx Address: PO Box 982, El Paso, Texas 79960.
  • Email address: careers@epelectric.com
  • Contact number: (915) 543-5711
  • Fax contact number: (915) 521-4787
  • Product Category: Supplies electricity.
  • El Paso electric company Board of directors: Franky Cassidy, Kathy Alexander, Edward Escudero, L. Frederick Rick Francis, Andrew Landy Gilbert, Mike Jesanis, Peter Kind, Raymond Palacios Jr, Kelly A. Tomblin.


  • Have a good presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc.
  • The company has a good retirement plan for employees.
  • The working culture is good and supportive.


  • More work pressure on employees.
  • Management is not good.
  • The parking area of the company is not good.

Customer reviews about El Paso Company:

Customer is the king of every business. For business growth, customer priority and satisfaction are the important key factors. We have searched over the internet, and we have received mixed reactions about the company. 

Some customers are very satisfied with their service like supportive environment, good customer service, etc., whereas others say that the management will not listen to the concern.

El Paso Electric Careers:

The company provides an excellent opportunity for career growth also. It offers full-time and part-time internship opportunities like summer college internships, grid internship programs, summer high school internships, and many more. 

The company will give you various benefits like medical compensation, dental, life, short term disability, long term disability, accidental death, pension plan, and employee assistance plan, paid holidays, paid off time, incentive cash reward, education reimbursement, employee discount program and many more. It also offers a federal program that helps the employees to work in the United States.

El Paso Electric Co bill pay:

You can make the payment within 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company accepts the payment with various payment modes like Visa, Master, Discover, and ATM Cards with pulse star. You can make the payment maximum of up to $600. To make the payment, you have to go through with certain steps:

• El Paso Electric account number.

• Need to check the Atm/ debit card expiration date.

• If you are making the payment with a check, you need to check the routing number.

• Payment amount.

You can even use the El Paso Electric bill pay app to make an online payment.


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