Everything Breaks Reviews by Real Customers [2023]

Have you still yet to check out the Everything breaks reviews? If not, you can check out the details about the website in this article. The website is a product of an endeavor to provide customers with warranty plans that can work toward their benefit. 

We understand that getting a warranty extended only solves some problems but rather works adversely for the consumers at times. And sometimes, consumers also have to pay money to get extended coverage. 

What is Everything Breaks?

Everything breaks is a website offering warranties on all electronic devices, appliances, and automobiles. It provides various plans for each device, and consumers can choose one based on their needs. It offers multiple monthly and yearly plans at cheap costs as part of a complete protection package.

It promises to provide customers with a protection plan that saves them from paying for repairs. The Everything breaks reviews throw light on further information regarding the website.


  • Address: 100 McKinnon St Market, Dallas, TX 75201, United States
  • Phone no.: +1-888-994-0914
  • Mail them at: support @everythingbreaks.com.
  • The type of warranties they sell on electronic appliances and automobiles are not available everywhere. Their deals are almost too good to be true.
  • They have catered to numerous customers and have received good reviews on various platforms.
  • They even offer multiple plans that can offer coverage for almost any item a person owns. 
  • It does not demand any long-term commitment from the client and believes in doing the task efficiently. 
  • They do not charge any hidden fees as well. They maintain transparency with their customers. 
  • Users need not undergo a tedious process to get their claims. All they have to do is give a call, and their issues shall be resolved or reimbursed.
  • Customers can either choose the product they want a warranty or protection for or opt for value-added packages offered by the website.
  • It has appeared on various news channels such as CNN, ESPN, etc.
  • The app is available on App Store and Google Play. 
  • They are also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What are the advantages of using its services?

There are various benefits of opting for a website that can protect unforeseen repair services. Apart from it, other significant advantages are as follows:

  • It offers home coverage plans that can help safeguard every product or appliance in case of damage. 
  • It safeguards the customer’s interests by saving them from spending much money on repairs.
  • They cover old products, appliances, and automobiles as well.
  • It not only offers protection against damage but also against mechanical errors or failures.
  • It can be canceled anytime based on the choice of the customers. 
  • It protects each device irrespective of the brand or retailer. 
  • It offers long-term or short-term coverage plans based on individual needs. 

What are its disadvantages?

The detailed information given in the Everything breaks reviews covers the pros and cons aspects of the website. Some of the cons are as follows: 

  • It offers monthly plans, which might be problematic to renew every month.
  • They lack long-term commitment, which can pose a problem in the long run.

Is the website legit or not?

Per the analysis of numerous customer reviews available on the website and the social media platforms and considering the Everything breaks reviews, it can be rightly said that Everything breaks.com is a legitimate website. People who wish to break free from unworthy warranties must opt for this website and get protection for their appliances.

Check out the Everything breaks reviews?

An honest description of the customer reviews on the website, as well as social media platforms, is given in the article. There has been a mostly positive response from the customers. 

While one customer said it is the best experience they have ever had with a warranty company, the other said it is the best coverage plan she has purchased at such affordable rates. Many have praised the services offered by the website as one of the most hassle-free services.


The Everything breaks reviews have shed light on every aspect of the website. It has given the required information in a detailed manner and analyzed the website’s characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. It can be referred to as a helpful website, as finding the coverage plans they offer anywhere else is challenging. 

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