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Many gamers who have a passion for gaming turn to platforms like Twitch and Youtube to live stream the games while connecting to their followers. Today we will talk about First #Kreekpeek that was recently trending on social media and how these streamers can connect to the people following them.

While these live streamers connect to people who are spread worldwide and share common interests, these can generate revenues for gaming platforms such as Roblox as people are hooked to playing the games they see the streamers play and enjoy it. The streamers enjoy monitoring the stream and read chat simultaneously with the followers they have of their favorite games. 

Who is Kreekpeek?

KreekCraft is an online gamer who streams games on the popular platform youtube with a live audience. Many Roblox players follow him on Twitter and other social media platforms. He currently has 2.75 million subscribers, and he is engaged in live streaming various Roblox and other games every day. 

He is presently active on Youtube and Twitter and participates in the Roblox battles that occur from time to time and were recently trending on Twitter under First #Kreekpeek. he also created many individual games fans can connect and compete. 

First #Kreekpeek and Roblox battles: 

Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system in which users can program games and play games created by other users. It has been in practice since 2006, and recently due to its soaring popularity, it has organized the Roblox battle championship in which 16 popular game streamers participated, and KreekCraft was one of them. 


The Roblox final battle, the Rb battles championship, took place with KreekCraft live streaming the entire championship to win and earn the prize offered in the challenge. The streaming continued for around 8 hours, with five popular streamers taking part in this challenge to win the ultimate RB battle championship spread Worldwide.

How People reacted to this Rb battle?

Fans and followers of KreekCraft showed their immense support to the gamer by trending First #Kreekpeek on Twitter, where they shared their opinion in favor of the streamer. 

The fans were very agitated during the streaming as there were many glitches in the game during the play and another streamer TanqR, won the Battle. Hence, the fans wanted to trend in favor of KreekCraft, who played well and was appreciated. The winner won a prize of $2 million, Robux, a currency used in Roblox’s games.


The gaming platform has gained popularity with the arrival of live streamers. Many followers are actively involved in such events, and titles such as Roblox Battles usher in many responses by online gamers. 

People tend to enjoy the games and earn rewards through these events while supporting their favorites as they supported KreekCraft under First #Kreekpeek as part of this gaming event.

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