First Shop Robux — Generate Unlimited Free Robux 2022

Are you looking for the first shop Robux? If it is so, then you are on the right page where you can get the complete information about it.

People across the countries, including Thailand, United States, and Australia, are huge fans of the Roblox game, and they are looking for several Robux generators to earn Robux for free. 


However, scam websites claim to give you the free Robux but them by giving the offers, they can steal your personal information. Today with this article, we will check out the first shop Robux in detail.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a multiplayer deduction game that all age groups can play. David Baszucki created it in the year 2006. It helps the gamers to develop imagination skills. It uses the coding language, i.e., Lua.

The game got popular across the countries during the pandemic covid-19. Because of its huge demand by the gamers, daily companies are launching free generators for earning Robux. 

About first shop Robux:


It is an online platform that claims to provide you the free Robux. You don’t have to pay for it, and you can earn the Robux as much as you can. Other than Robux, you can earn several other items also like various gift items services, devil fruit, game pass press service, devil king fruit legacy, Garena card, and many more.

The website is based in Thailand and getting popularity across the world. It is not available in the English language. All-time we have to translate this website while earning the Robux. So we have spent more time on this website for earning the Robux this is the biggest disadvantage of it.

How to generate the Robux from this platform:

  • Connect your device to the internet and open your browser.
  • Go to the official link of the website, i.e., Then under the option; you will find an option Robux.
  • Go to the Robux option.
  • It will give you two options Robux and id+pass
  • Go to the Robux option; it will ask you to enter the username and the password, or either you can log in with your Facebook id as well.
  • If you forgot the password, click on this option and generate the new password or otherwise, if you remember it, then continue with the same.
  • Then it will ask you to select the amount.             
  • Then click on proceed, and it will ask you to do some human verification.
  • After doing all the steps, the Robux will be added to your account.
  • If you go with the second option, i.e., Robux id+pass, you cannot open it with the Facebook id. You have to enter the Robux username and password.


  • It is SSL certified website.
  • It sells online products.   
  • It offers you the payment methods which are going to help you to get your money back.
  • No First shop Robux reviews are positive.


  • The website is very young, and we cannot trust it easily.
  • On the same server, we have found other websites as well.
  • To check the website, always translate it into the English language, which is very irritating.

Is the website legit?


The website’s legitimacy depends on various factors like user reviews, social media presence, Alexa rating, and many more things. 

The website asks you to enter the username, which may not be harmful to you. It does not ask you for any other personal information. 

Moreover, we have spent some time for you on this website, and we can generate 50 Robux from this website. Hence, on this basis, we can say that it is the legit one, and you can go for it and try your luck.

Users reviews:


To judge any website, you can go through the user’s reviews which will be helpful to you to make the best decision. We have checked the user’s reviews for first shop Robux, and we have found no reviews related to this website. Hence, we won’t recommend you this website.


We have given all the important information related to first shop com, and we can say that it is the legit website that will help you generate the Robux for your choice.

Have you tried to generate the Robux from this website? What are your views? Please share with us in the comment section.


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