Fix NordVPN Password Verification Failed Auth Error

If you are using nordvpn, you must have face connecting issues on your browser extension or on the computer for the past few months. There could be many reasons due to which you are facing nordvpn not connecting problem issues on your device.

So here in this post, you will get the exact solution.
On how to fix nordvpn Password authentication fail error on your computer in simple steps so that you can use nordvpn premium services without interruption.

Nordvpn allows only six devices to log in if this login limit exceeds, then this may lead to many errors that we let you know one by one in this post.

How to fix NordVPN password verification failed ‘Auth’?


Have you ever wondered why you are getting an error saying that your username or password is incorrect because you have used correct login credentials while login into nordvpn? This may be because if you are using the older version of the nordvpn application on your desktop, then your login details will not be accepted, so update to the latest release first and later try again.

You can also contact the nordvpn support team using the LiveChat option on-screen after getting login into your nordvpn account they will help you solve your problem immediately.

How to Fix NordVPN Connection Issues

1. Check your Antivirus

The majority of the time, antivirus is found to create the problem while connecting to VPN. Although different antivirus provides different security levels to fix nordvpn not connecting problem first check the antivirus whether they have identified nordvpn as malicious or not because many users have found the same issue. When they removed the nordvpn from the malicious list, they got successfully connected to the VPN o their desktop.

2. Try to connect another Server


Nordvpn has a large number of active servers around the world, so if you are facing nordvpn not connecting issues, this might be the case for a particular server facing some problem so you can try connecting to any other server. And if your question is still not solved, then you can head towards another point.

3. Change your current password

Sometimes changing your current password to a new one can resolve this problem because if your login details are used in many devices, then there are chances that you will be facing such errors. If your error is still not solved, then you can try the below method.

4.Install NordVPN again

It is one of the best solutions for this problem you are facing with nordvpn. To fix this, you need first to reinstall the nordvpn app on your desktop and then get a login into your account. Go to the settings and click on the run diagnostic tool from nordvpn. It will be able to find the exact error which is leading to the current issue.

Nordvpn for Windows

After installing on you Nordvpn for windows OS device, tap on the Quick connect, no need to worry about the speed drop because Nordvpn provides the fastest server. 

  • After getting connected, you can choose the country from the list which you want to select.
  • In a moment your status will be shown as connected with the location of the server and IP address
  • A pop-up box will on your screen hint you that you are now successfully connected.

Nordvpn for Mac 


I am sure most of you Mac users tried several VPN, and somehow, you are not satisfied, but forget all and download Nordvpn for Mac operating system.

Follow this step:

  • Search the Nordvpn on the App Store and download it
  • Install the application, and by registering on it open the application and click quick connect
  • A pop-up box will show its confirmation that you have now connected

Nordvpn on Android

nordvpn mobile connected
  • Just like the above steps install the Nordvpn on Android via Playstore
  • Download the application
  • Open it and click Quick connect, you can scroll down and select the countries from the list
  • You are ready to go.

Nordvpn on IOS

  • For the users of the iPhone and iPad, you can simply install the Nordvpn on IOS device by visiting the App store
  • After downloading, open the app and click on Quick connect
  • Select the country from the list
  • An icon will appear on the top of the screen to show that it’s connected

Nordvpn Chrome

Sometimes users found it challenging to install Nordvpn Chrome, the setup is effortless, and Nordvpn is not only available for Chrome but also Mozilla Firefox.


We will show you how to install it:

  • Search the extension from the website
  • Install it, and go to your chrome setting
  • At the left bottom, you will get extension option
  • Click it and after entering you will find a Nordvpn extension toggle, switch it on (If it is off)
  • Now click the Nordvpn icon on the home page of Chrome where tap the Quick Connect.
  • Now you are connected to the server; you can also change the country from the list.

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

The million-dollar question is, Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? The answer is yes; indeed, Netflix is not only a leader in web streaming applications, but it is also backed-up with robust software tools. It is geo-block able to restrict several VPN from getting that service, which is not available in your region.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get access to see those films, web-series, or any web content we want to crack those wall users using VPN. And surprisingly, Nordvpn is a champ on that its Smart Play feature is specially designed to crack the geo-blocks.

You can avoid the geo-blocks of Netflix US with ease without any net speed lagging. NordVPN also performs excellently in Germany, England, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. Its Smart Play feature can easily crack the restriction of other applications like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, and more.


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