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Are you a fan of the gaming platform Fortnite and we are here to tell you about free skins that can make your gaming experience far better and exciting?

The users based in the United States love the gaming platform Fortnite and always want to make their Avatar look more exciting, which they can do by getting a new skin. This site claims to generate free skins for their players. This website claims to give you free skins, but officially there is no website linked to the gaming platform Fortnite that can give you free skins; hence we would prefer you to be vigilant while using the review.

What is

The website claims to give you free skins for the gaming platform Fortnite. If you want to make your gaming experience more thrilling and with a better Avatar, free skins can help you. It asks for the Fortnite username and then requires the users to choose the device they are using. After performing all the tasks asked by the website, you can get the desired skin.


As the site is not officially connected to the gaming platform, we cannot trust it completely. Many suspicious websites nowadays claim to give free gaming assets for different games, but they cannot be trusted. 

Hence, we would suggest you use a temporary account first, and after you are completely sure about the website, you should use your primary account. Make sure that you are very vigilant while using any such websites.

How to generate free skins on 💡

Follow these very simple steps mentioned below:

  1. First step is to have an active internet connection on your device before following any further steps.
  2. In the search box, enter the web address and load it successfully.
  3. Once the website is loaded successfully, you can carry on with the next step.
  4. The website will demand your Fortnite username, and you have to enter it in the given place.
  5. Then, you have to select the platform apple, android, windows, and Xbox according to the device you are using.
  6. Then, you can select the skin you want from the website.
  7. Please let the website generate skin successfully.
  8. Then, the website asks the users to perform some very simple tasks.
  9. After executing all the above steps successfully, you will get the desired skin.
  10. The steps mentioned above have been followed and executed by us completely.

Is legit or not?

Fortnite is one of the major gaming platforms in the United States and has a very large user base worldwide. The players are so fond of the game that they want their Avatar to be perfect and trendy; hence they want to get all the newly updated skins from time to time. 


Even though officially, the skins can only be earned on the platform by completing missions, opening gift boxes, etc., methods. Any platform that claims to generate free skin is usually placed under the suspicious radar. We did a thorough analysis on the website and found no authenticity in their claims.

The free skins can also harm your account as getting skin from any outside source is against the terms of the game Fortnite. Therefore, if you get skin from any other source, your account can be deactivated. We would suggest that no one should affiliate with such a website as we cannot claim the website to be legit.

What was our experience on the platform? 🕶

We went on the official website of bang and entered our username, selected our device’s logo and completed all the steps mentioned above after completing the tasks and selecting our desired skin.

We completed all the tasks that were given by the website. 


But when the time came to collect our skin, we were transferred to another suspicious page. We logged out immediately to protect our account and did not receive any skin even after performing all the tasks. Then we realized that the site was a complete scam.

Our experience with the website was not good, and we did not receive any skin promised by the website. Some people might have received free skin, but we didn’t.

Therefore, we would suggest you be very vigilant while using the website. review?🧐

The website has no official review section, but we read some other reviews on open sources. There are no social media to contact the website as well. 


Most of the reviews claimed the website to be a scam.

To our dismay, we couldn’t reach any authentic response. We found some reviews of free skins where most users were unpleasant and concluded the website was a scam and waste of time.


Most websites claiming to give anything for free are always under suspicious radar and cannot be trusted completely. Only associate with the website that is officially connected with the gaming platform. Log out of the website at any moment you detect some suspicion. 

Please share your experience about free skins, if you have previously used this website in our comment section, we love hearing from our readers.


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