Free School Meals Payment Dates 2021

Does free school meals payment dates 2021 ? After the pandemic, people have faced multiple financial issues. Many lost their jobs and, some experienced losses in their businesses. To overcome these problems government has started many programs to support people.

Free school meals help parents provide necessities for their young ones. These meals get accompanied during the holidays. Read further to know more.

What are Free school meals payment dates 2021?

Pandemic has created many ever-lasting effects. One of them is financial instability in the community. But the government has found a way to ‘Scottish Child Payment’ to help families provide the best food for their children. 

All the arrangements got completed for making payment to the eligible parents within the week after 27 September 2021. It gets organized by the Angus council school for kids in P1 to S6. Each individual will receive £160.

All the payments are made around 1 October 2021. It will get directly deposited into the account. In case of any queries, you any contact them on 03452 777 778 for assistance. You will also receive a Direct Payment’ of £22 for all the upcoming holidays in October. 

It will be a single pay transfer to your linked account. At the time of the double claim, two people applied for a single child. The matter gets sorted by the Social Security Scotland.

What are the eligibility criteria?

If you are willing to receive the Scottish child payment, you shall follow these regulations and terms.

  • Your child should get enrolled in a school garments grant.
  • The kid must be in P1-P6.
  • You need registration for free school meals on 27 September 2021 to get payment on 1 October.
  • If you apply after 29 September 2021, then your money will get deposited at October end.
  • Any child above six years is not eligible.
  • If you qualify for free meals, you can also receive an extra credit of £22 for holidays.

Please note the Free school meals payment dates 2021 from the above guidelines.

How to apply for free school meals?

There are multiple ways to apply for this program. We have listed all of them below. Choose any one according to your convenience:

  1. Before you start the procedure, make sure you have the DOB of the child, details of both parents, and bank details.
  2. Now use any device with an internet connection for online applications.
  3. Go to the browser and search link.
  4. A new webpage will open. It will have all the necessary details and guidelines for the application. Read it!
  5. Click on the Apply button.
  6. Follow the prompts and, you will get an application form. 
  7. Enter all the details and press continue.
  8. Note that online forms are only available in the English language.
  9. You have to submit the form at once. It can take 15 minutes because it is lengthy and it has to finish in one go.
  10. Transfer it to the office and wait to get a reply from them soon.
  11. Use post services or contact them through 0800 182 2222 to apply. In case you lack a permanent address, bank details, or any other issue.
  12. You can apply on call by talking to their representatives. The timing on weekdays is 8 am to 6 pm.
  13. If you use sign language, then you can fix an appointment through video call.
  14. Another method is to fill paper forms. 
  15. Call 0800 182 2222 to receive a large print paper or prepaid envelope to send the documents to the authorities.
  16. There are almost 100 languages in Scotland and, you can use any one of them to apply. 
  17. You will get it in your mailbox in any language you prefer. It can be Polish, Urdu, Scottish, etc.
  18. The Social Security Scotland is the authority for passing the verdict on all applications.

You shall know Free school meals payment dates 2021 to apply at the right time.


It is a program by Scottish authorities to support the community. There is no extra charge or fee. Every child under the age of six deserves extra care and, through this platform, you can receive £10 per week for every individual applicant. This payment continues for four weeks after successful activation. 

The money is all yours to decide how to spend it. If you have applied for some other UK government benefits, they will not be affected. 

Take note of Free school meals payment dates 2021 for proper application. Please share your experience with us; We love hearing from you.

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