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If you are looking for 0% synthetic outfits & footwear, then you must try freethefootprint com. This article will tell you how it is different from others & it is a legit store?

For the past few days, one store is on hot topics among consumers from the United States, and the reason behind this is 100% made with natural substances. How it is made and why it so unique that you must have it we will tell elaborate it all in the below section.



With a vision to provide a good quality material without using artificial leather, chemicals, or harming animals, you will know how two men initiated this in this informative article segment. freethefootprint comhas it all, so let’s start the exploration about it and learn more about this website.

What is freethefootprint com?


Like we give a short glimpse in the intro section, this website also has retail shops in different United States locations. The website’s birth begins with a young man named Tim Brown from New Zealand who was looking for something that is 100% pure and not that chemically produced items that leave the carbon footprint. 

And from there, the idea of the freethefootprint story begins later. Joey Zwillinger joined hands with Tim to forward this initiation. All the product available here is with zero carbon footprint. The packaging used for delivery is made with recycled cardboard or paper. You might never know which packaging was earlier used by which consumer. But need not worry because they are entirely safe to use.

The shoes, including sneakers, casuals, and slippers, are made with sheep wool; you can check more than hundreds of items available with various colors and ranges both for men and women.


  • Contact Address – Offline store is available in Sans Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, and many other regions of the US.
  • Customer care number – 1-888-963-8944, 1-814-251-9966 (Text)
  • Email address –
  • Payment method: Support all the primary online payment systems like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, G Pay, etc.
  • Category of the website – They have varieties of outfits, footwear, and other accessories for men and women made with 0% artificial substance, synthetic, or chemicals.
  • Delivery time: It will take 1-5 business days and additional 5-4 days due to a pandemic situation to deliver the item in the US. For worldwide, it will take 15-20 days approx for outside borders.
  • Return of the product: You can return or exchange the product within 30 days from the time of delivery. No question asked; you can free to return or exchange.
  • Shipment Process – Shipment will be made within 2/3 days, and charges will depend upon the process of delivery you choose (except free shipping if available)
  • Method of Delivery – Standard shipment process

Pros of freethefootprint

  • The product is made with fine material; no animals were harmed during manufacturing.
  • Outfits, wear, or shoes are made with sheep wool or by using natural materials
  • Recycled packaging is used with zero carbon emission
  • The shop is available all over America you may visit and check out more
  • Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are available to find many freethefootprint comreviews.
  • The website has a professional look, no duplicate content available
  • The website domain is around 20 years old

Cons of freethefootprint

  • The website names, but it is opening with another domain name, freethefootprint com, confusing.
  • Maybe you will face a late delivery issue due to the present condition.

Is legit?


We researched each page of the website, saw the products, and also visited their social media pages, where we found legit replies. But the website is also in search with another domain name, which is a significant confusion. Whether both are the same or different? This is in doubt; the other domain is more than 19 years old with a trust score of over 90%.

Apart from the confusion, we don’t seem that it will be a scam because they also have several retail chains all over the US.

What are the customer reviews about the website?


We visited social media pages and found many positive feedback from the buyers. It shows the trust of the website and its brand. So, overall a positive sign what we found related to freethefootprint com.


Although the domain is also in search with freethefootprint, we found all about the website favorable. You can visit the website and their social media accounts. The website seems trustworthy, and you can prefer it.

Please lets us know your experience with the shop.


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