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Many people in the world are facing problems in their everyday life because of the pandemic. They can’t even afford to feed their families during these times as they are facing job loss. Some of the organizations are working towards providing food to the people who require it. One such organization is Full Cart, and we are going to talk about fullcart.org reviews.

It is a program that was started in 2018 by the parent organization Feeding Children Everywhere. FCE is a non-profit organization from the United States aiming to feed children worldwide for almost a decade now because they believe that hunger affects a child’s ability to learn. 

Hunger may hinder education and will affect the growing children in the future. Nutrition is required for a healthy mind and body so that children can learn efficiently in schools.

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About FCE

FCE has provided meals to schools in underprivileged countries where they don’t have enough budget to do the same. By doing so, children from villages are more eager to attend schools and focus on their studies. They are active in 53 countries, and hundreds of millions of meals have been distributed so far. Their programs include Full Cart, International Development, Domestic Meal Distribution, and Disaster Relief.

About Full Cart

Full Cart is an online food website that helps people who can’t afford to buy enough food or extend their grocery budget. It works by charging only the shipping costs to the consumers, and donors or sponsors cover the main costs; this way, the cost becomes much less. 

They have a wide variety of menu to choose from; their core food section has five recipes and many more to add to that list. The core foods are Brown sugar oatmeal, Italian veggie pasta, Red lentil jambalaya, Hamburger hero: stroganoff, and Farm and ladle Chicken noodle soup. 

One can also choose more items like Sunbutter natural, Sunbutter no sugar added, Canned chicken, Farin up French crepe mix, Sunsnacker, Southwest chunky stew, Pad thai, Chipotle bowl. 

There are even more items: split nutrition packs, Welch’s fruit snacks, Long grain white rice, Mashed potatoes, Instant oatmeal, Macaroni and cheese, and Pinto beans. There are fullcart.org reviews that describe the food items by former people who have ordered from this site.


  • Email – support@fullcart.org
  • Customer care number – Not available.
  • Category of the website – It’s a food website where one can order food items at a low cost.
  • Payment method – Any credit or debit card.
  • Delivery time – They deliver in 1-3 business days.
  • Order Cancellation – No such information is given.
  • Method of shipping – They ship through FedEx.

Pros of fullcart.org

  • One has to pay only the shipping cost.
  • The food is delivered at your doorstep.
  • They have provided a section where one can look for the nutrition information for each food item.
  • The Feeding Children Everywhere meals stay fresh for three months after one receives the package.
  • There are also instructions on how to cook the meal for every food item.

Cons of fullcart.org 

  • It seems to benefit only for one or two people for some time considering the amount of food they send. 
  • Although it is a non-profit organization, it only ships the Full Cart items to the United States people.

Consumer’s opinion about the site

After looking at the fullcart.org reviews, many consumers were satisfied and happy with their service as this program is charging less. Although some of them criticized the taste of the food and were concerned about the shipping costs.


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