Gobank/Start Activate Card — Step by Step Process 2022

Do you know the exact procedure of the gobank/start activate card? Sometimes we found difficulties in activating our card, and the process confused our minds. We missed some crucial steps, and the entire process failed. In our current busy schedule, some people find it very problematic to pay hand to hand cash in their regular personal or professional life. Ninety percent of people are shifting towards digital banking and online payments. Go bank is currently trending for its tech-savvy service.

This brand has been running its digital business since 2003. Recently they have included some new and developed services and some new activation rules. All these things are essential to understand their activation process and company. We will straightforwardly show you all this information.

What is GoBank?

Gobank is the perfect option for simple but technically smooth banking options for people. This account is linked with Walmart. The Green Dot bank is providing its service through this service.  An important feature is that you must have a shop offering a deposit service through this shop for easy activity. You need to make sure you have a savings account in another bank or any other organization. 

This bank sets all its services in a very budget-friendly manner. Thus banking features made the finance process easy and headache-free. This service sets you a reminder of paying a bill on time. This bank has some great budgeting and money-saving tools to improve your financial status. We will discuss an exact procedure to Gobank/start activate card in our forthcoming segments.

Crucial information: 

  • Contact information about the debit card and MasterCard: (888) 283-1843.
  • Gobank visa debit card contact: (888) 280-8260.
  • Contact Address: Snail Mail, GoBank. P.O. Box-5100. Pasadena CA 91117. 

How to open an account on GoBank? 

Before dealing with the Gobank/start activate card, we need to know about the process of opening an account on the Gobank. We leave an entire format to open an account successfully in GoBank below,

  • Firstly, you must go to the official web portal of GoBank.com, and you can also download the app for free to open a perfect account.
  •  Once you are done with the previous step, you will see an open account icon on your screen. You have to click on that icon visible in the extreme top right of your mobile or laptop screen.
  • You must fill in all your personal information like full name, birth date, phone number, and email address and hit the submit option after a quick recheck. 
  • You can also access a starter kit worth $2.95 from any Walmart to open an account in-person process. Most importantly, you have to deposit at least $20 to open an account.

Do follow all these steps and rules for a successful procedure.

What is the process of the Gobank/start activate card? 

After creating an account on GoBank.com, you need to activate the Gobank card at an initial stage.

  • Visit the official site.
  • Now, click on the activate card option. The option appears in the same place when an open account is available.
  • Then, the website redirects you to another page and asks for the sixteen-digit debit card number or a three-digit CVV number.
  • Put the number on the respected text box and confirm the submission.

After completing this procedure, you will get a personalized debit card in your mail within a few minutes.

Is GoBank legit or a scam?

After looking at their Gobank/start activate card process, you have such queries related to their legitimacy. For solving your queries, we are here with a whole section of legitimacy. 

  • This business has been running for the past eighteen years, which means it is an old company.
  • We found a shocking truth about this company during our research. This company is regularly used as a primary option for fraudulent organizations. They are helping such a company to carry their scam business.
  • There is no presence of any customer service, which made the collaboration a bit difficult.
  • They handed over some crucial information to other fraud agencies in 2011. Some complaints were raised related to their data security or the private information security of customers. This incident breaks the trust.

These points present this company as a fraud and traitor company. In our opinion, maintain a safe distance from them.

What is the customer opinion about Gobank?

No accurate customer reviews are available on the internet. This site is rated with 1.5 stars and a 6% of trust score. No reviews after all these years made this company’s appearance more suspicious. 


According to our analysis, this is a scam bank business. You can share your experiences and views on it in the comment section below. We love to gain knowledge from your side.

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