Great Smoky Mountains Firefly Viewing Lottery

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Various social events have been held regularly here and there around the world throughout the year. One of the difficult tasks of the season is to detect fireflies and their beautiful lighting.

This is one of the biggest attractions in the U.S. People know about the smoking mountain park. Everything happens there, and visitors can see the great light of the firefly there. But to avoid the population, they have to limit the whole event to a few people in the lottery. We are coming up with all the reviews on it.

What is the great smoky mountain National Park?


Before you know about lottery tours, let us know about this place in more detail. Smoky mountains are located between North Carolina and Tennessee, and this biodiversity is based on the southern Appalachian.

According to the latest reports, National Park is the most visited park. There is a black bear, one of the park’s main attractions. There is a direct camping site and a small guard system. And here, you can find yourself surrounded by wildflowers and various trees.

About firefly great smoky mountains firefly viewing lottery

From the second week of May to June, you found the breed of unique Synchronous fireflies, one of the world’s rare nineteenth species.


These flies are most attractive in May and June moth. But to avoid many people, the managers have started new lottery systems where interested ones apply for a visit. In the lottery, the lucky winners get a chance to visit.

Even parking lots need someone to apply for a lottery ticket. New lottery dates are released, and we will soon share all the essential date formats with you.

What are the application date and other significant lottery dates?

There is a list of important dates of the great smoky mountains firefly viewing lottery that looks at the closing date of the winner’s name that determines the days and days of the results we mentioned below:

  • The first date of the lottery is April 29th
  • The time is 10 a.m.
  • Date of the end of the lottery on May 3rd
  • The time is 10 a.m.
  • The date for the announcement of results is May 12th
  • Date of major event from June 3rd to June 10th

What about other important details about the lottery?

Apart from all the details about the lottery of the smoky mountains, the most important thing to know is the fee. The application fee for this lot is $ 1.00, the parking lottery is split, and the cost is $ 24.00.


The official handled the small rivers and the unequal areas for an eight-day event of a car event giving permission from the authorities and other tourists visiting the area.

What are some essential points about the lottery that one should keep in mind?

There are some important points and rules to keep in mind when applying for the great smoky mountains firefly viewing lotteryrange listed below;

  • Only one lottery application accepted in one house
  • One person should state the exact day they visit the venue.
  • No refund, transfer, or refund for rain service is available for this service.
  • There are only 800 parking spaces distributed daily at the event.
  • All passes contain a specific date for visiting the park. One cannot visit another day other than that particular day.
  • The person must bring their photo id with their vehicle permitted to visit the park.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park.
  • Authorities have provided a portable toilet on the site to assist tourists.

What is event review and lottery?

Reviews from visitors on the great smoky mountains firefly viewing lottery are good, and they are satisfied to experience such natural beauty in a national park. Although the lottery system made many people sad every year, it took away all the resentment when they got the chance.


Tommy said the beauty of the lights and their light made her happy, and the atmosphere of the clam was very peaceful.

Stella said she never misses an opportunity to visit the park every year. Sometimes his name did not appear in the lottery, and that part was painful, but he loved to go and enjoy the place.


Hence, we have collected all the great smoky mountains firefly viewing lottery data and instructions and lottery days to view the great mountain lights. It all helps you to learn about it in a better way. I hope it helped you.

Please share your experience with us in our comments section. We’d love to hear from you.


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