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Top 5 Group Buy SEO Tools of 2020 >> Know about which Pack is valuable for you?

Are you a beginner in blogging or just set up a new website, or are you a Pro? This article is then relatable to you read till the end because we combine all the information so that it will be easy to understand. We also gave information about the SEO tool that you will get on the Group buy SEO Tools purchase. 

Depends upon the countries like the United States, United Kingdom, India, or any other Asian countries, these SEO tools are widely used for digital marketing purposes. The reason behind its popularity by region wise is because it offers tools as per their affordability on their currency and price range. 

What is the need for Group Buy SEO Tools?

Digital marketing is one of the most significant ways of making income; several companies now have realized that to pursue the goal, they have to reach globally and at each doorstep. It is not easy to randomly sell items on the web; it requires perfect Search Engine optimization, which can be filled by some of the Best SEO Group Buy tools.

You might be thinking about the price range or whether there is any Cheap Group buy SEO Tools? So, you can take most of it if you are a Pro, you know how to use the tools and the requirement of the specific tools available on the pack you buy.

But we will also give information about the tool so that beginners or new digital marketing can understand easily.

How and why is the website offering all the premium tools at a cheap cost?


An obvious question that is maybe raising on your thought that why the Group Buy SEO Tool websites are offering all the premium tools at low cost. So, let me tell you that whatever tools you will buy from these SEO tool selling websites are having limited access. 

However, you will get all the essential features required during SEO, but few of the features may not be available to you, and it is very obvious. Because you are paying 1/6th of the cost of the Premium tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Grammarly, and many more.

But it doesn’t mean that all these Group Buy SEO Tool websites will block the features. Some of them allow us to use full features, and some of them enable limited ones. But don’t get confused about that; we will clear all the doubts, stick with the article.

Top 5 Best Group buy SEO Tools

So, let’s begin the 10 Best Group Buy SEO Tool Services 2020


  • Most of the professionals are familiar with this website because it is quite popular selling Cheap Group buy SEO Tools
  • The website has 20 essential tools that are very useful in SEO and content writing. 
  • After purchasing the tool, you will be asked to download two plugins provided by Flikover.

You can take a Combo Pack at ₹1200/Month (Indian Rupees), $16.41

AhrefsGrammarlySemrushWord Ai
MOZSpyFuStock unlimitedCanva

SeoToolAdda (Editors choice)

  • It is one of the best Cheap Group buy SEO Tools; I have taken its services multiple times. 
  • The best part of it is that they offer a low price as compared to Flikover and others. 
  • You will get 20 SEO tools, the same as available on Flikover. To use the tool, you will have to install the plugins. 
  • But believe me, I use it without using installing any plugins; it is one of the best Group Buy SEO Tool.

If you take its Combo pack you will get it at ₹599/month, $819

AhrefsGrammarlySemrushWord Ai
MOZSpyFuStock unlimitedCanva

Tool Zap

It is also one of the Best SEO Group Buy tools that allow users to access premium tools. But Tool Zap is offering two types of plan:

  • Lite Plan – This plan is for beginners or new marketers; in this plan, you will get limited tools most required during SEO and content writing. The tools include in this plan are
    • Ahref
    • Keyword Revealer
    • Moz
    • Skill Share

The combo price available at ₹499/month, $6.82

  • All in one plan – In this plan you will 16 premium tools that are used for daily SEO work. The tools offer in this plan are:
AhrefWord AiMOZAlexa
WoorankPic MonkeyStock unlimitedGrammerly
CanvaSpyFuSKILLSHAREKeyword Tool

The combo price available at ₹799/month, $10.93


Tool Zap also offers 3 Days Money Back Guarantee, which is an advantage as compared to others. Customer support is available and has 94% uptime.


Another trusted one; Group Buy SEO Tool has five value for money pack; although you can buy a single tool, you can also connect them via WhatsApp, Skype, or email.

The five pack are:

  • Bumper Optional Pack – This pack is least expensive among five packages in this section you will get an option to select any of the five tools according to your requirements, you will get more than 30 option on tools.

Offer Price at $10.95

  • Small Optional Pack – In this pack you will get to select any of the 10 tools among 45+ tools.

The price range is slightly higher $15.95/month

  • Medium Optional Pack – In this pack you will get a chance to choose 15 tools

The price range is $17.95/month

  • Mega Optional Pack – Select any 20 tools

The price range is $19.95/month

  • Mega Combo Package – It is the most expensive pack and mostly for enterprise purposes. Here you will get all the 45+ tools to use.

The price range is 22.95/month


Yet another tool package service provider, the website does not use plugins, which helps protect user privacy. For any query, you can chat with them.

Plan starts from $3 and goes up to $16.99

Important: Never share your login details with anyone, if you do so, they will block your account. As they are providing “one account, one user access “.


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