Hayden Panettiere Boyfriend

Who is Hayden Panettiere boyfriend? Hayden is a famous actress. Naturally, many people are curious about her personal life.

Recently many people have wanted to know about her personal life. Yes, people are aware of her career and awards, but it is also normal to have curiosity about her personal life. Sometimes, the people you idealize or the people you love, you want to know everything about her.

A controversy is created about her boyfriend. That’s why all her fandom wants to know about her boyfriend. People are spending hours to know about her boyfriend. To satisfy their need, we are here with a complete information package about her boyfriend. 


You will get to know everything about her boyfriend. Keep patience.

Who is hayden panettiere?

  • Before knowing hayden panettiere boyfriend, let’s clear the conception about her. 
  • She is an American model, actress, and singer. She has been in relation with the glamour industry since her childhood. 
  • Her mother is a soap opera actress whose name is Lesley R.vogel. Besides her mother, her brother is also an actor, Jansen panettiere is his name. 
  • She first appeared on-screen at the age of 11 months for a commercial. She is a part of Heroes, ABC/CMT, Nashville, etc. Apart from her work, she successfully bagged various awards in her career. 
  • One of Disney’s most notable roles is “Remember the Titans.”

In which Movies does Hayden appear?

Till now, she appeared in several movies. We present a list for your acknowledgment.

  • Nashville 
  • LizzleSpaudling
  • Guiding night
  • Racing stripes.
  • Ice princess
  • I love you beth cooper
  • Amanda Knox
  • Scream 4
  • Rasinghelen.
  • Shanghai kiss
  • Fireflies in the garden 
  • Alpha and Omega
  • Hoodwinked too! Hood vs. Evil.
  • Dinosaur
  • Mr. Gibb

What is the award Hayden has in her bag?

  • Young artists award
  • Grammy-award 
  • Young star award 
  • Saturn award
  • Teen choice award 
  • Vail film festival award
  • Golden globe award
  • Prism award
  • Critics choice television award
  • Newport beach film festival award.

Who is hayden panettiere boyfriend?

  • A buzz is creating about her ex-husband Brian Hickerson. Recently Hayden posted a picture on Instagram with brian, which created the whole controversy.
  • The actress reunited with Brian in July after serving time in jail for domestic violence. 
  • At the time, Brian confirmed that he spent time with Hayden at a West Hollywood restaurant. The outing came nearly two months after he was released from jail.

While speaking of his time spent with Hayden, 


Brian told a source that, 

To clarify, I was enjoying a Miller, and Hayden was not drinking. We went to a new restaurant that is Texas-based, and being a Southern guy, I’m a big fan of country music. So yes, there was some line dancing involved.”

He then told the outlet that he and Hayden “are not back together,” though they are “working on” rebuilding their friendship. 

Brian explained,


We have a long history together, and the first step in my recovery as an abuser is making amends. That’s exactly what Hayden has been gracious enough to allow me to do.

What is the past of Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend?

Let’s come to the point of the past of Hayden panettiere boyfriend. Hayden and Brian have had a tumultuous relationship since they were first linked in August 2018.

In April, Brian was sentenced to 45 days in county jail after pleading no contest to two felony counts of injuring Hayden. He surrendered to jail on May 7 and was released early on May 20.


Additionally, Brian was ordered to serve four years of probation, attend 52 domestic violence classes and pay a $500 fee. He was arrested in July 2020 for allegedly assaulting the star on multiple occasions between May 2019 to January 2020, while he initially pleaded not guilty.

Hayden was granted a five-year restraining order against Brian in July 2020. 

However, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office told People it “does not prohibit the defendant and the victim from amicably interacting with each other.”


We shared all details related to Hayden panettiere boyfriend past and present affairs. Hopefully, all scenarios are clear. Though the reunion news is unclear and not true, you can say they start hanging out.

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