High Purity Natural Products Scam

High purity natural products scam? Are you looking for a contract manufacturer that can help you build your brand? In this article, we have a brand dealing in wholesale natural products infused with high-quality organic ingredients.

People of the United States, Australia never compromise on their health. This brand promises to be your one-stop for all your body issues by bringing all its products at wholesale prices and the best quality. Please, read further for more information about their policies, services, and quality of the product.

What are high purity natural products?


High-purity natural products is an organic brand that deals in healthy beauty and wellness products for private and wholesale distribution. Their products include nootropics, gummies, nutraceuticals, health and beauty products. It is an England brand established in 2017 and, since then, it has been providing cutting-edge organic products for contract manufacturing. 

The products are farm bill and Massachusetts compliant as they work with local sellers and internationally. The products manufactured by them are cosmetics, vapes, edibles, tinctures, and many skincare items.

Experienced and industry-driven leaders guide them through manufacturing high-quality and white-label products. 


They have a widely spread business with many prominent retailers globally. They have partnered with many celebrities, athletes, influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands to curate the perfect product selection that suits their customer’s needs. Continue reading to know if high purity natural products scam or legit.


  • Contact address: The location provided on their website is 65 Moon St, Southbridge, MA 01550, United States. We found their headquarter regions are the East Coast, New England, North-eastern US.
  • Contact number: 508-450-8902
  • Email address: You can use this email address info@highpuritynaturalproducts.com to send your queries.
  • Category of the website: This brand deals in the highest quality wholesale natural products include vitamins & supplements, luxury infused beauty products, nootropics, nutraceuticals, organic products that are THC-free, and broad-spectrum tinctures, vegan gummies, and more.
  • Payment method: They accept payment through several options available on their domain.
  • Shipping method: they provide shipping estimates based on your location and the weight of your products. If the weight of your shipment is more than 44 lbs, then they charge shipping accordingly.
  • Return policy: They have a user-friendly return policy that differs for wholesale and private consumers.
  • Delivery time: It depends upon the location of delivery. 


  • They add natural ingredients to beauty products that help boost their potential.  
  • They have helped many entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and brands to get high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • The brand is highly appreciated in the United States, Australia as they have transparency about their ingredients and supply chain.
  • They offer the quality and reliability to make your brand successful.
  • It’s a globally open website and, you can access all the details about them on the platform.
  • They have active social media handles which are updated regularly with new content.
  • There are multiple ways in which they accept payment.
  • Every product has a detailed description and many options to customize it according to your need.
  • Their organically grown hemp is activated by utilizing decarboxylated oils and then blended with pharmaceutical-grade natural ingredients.


  • They have not established huge followers on any social media.
  • The price gap between private consumers and wholesalers is big. Thus might not be a good option for small business owners and private consumers.
  • They need to work on their customer care services for better interaction.

Are high purity natural products scams?

The brand is received well by many celebrities, entrepreneurs, wholesalers, and private consumers. These 3PL services have helped many people to grow their brand and make it a success. 

We did a thorough analysis and read all the details regarding their policies, terms, and conditions. They have given a detailed description of every aspect of their website. 


As per our research, we found a few legit parts indicating it may be a verified product, but we will suggest our readers check before proceedings. Their social media does not have clout, so you will not gather much response on those platforms. But you can contact them directly using the number and email address for any queries. They have a blog section where you can find all the details related to their services.

User Review

Mike Matton has done a great job as founder and president of the brand. He has installed a review section on the domain filled with positive reviews and very few negative comments. The people were content with the ingredients that they used and how transparent they are with their policies. 

Most of the reviews stated that they provide a hundred percent satisfaction to their customers and are helpful dealers. We found two feedbacks on open platforms that appreciated their services and gave them five stars.


They have also provided their social media links and, you may use them to read through them to find out are high purity natural products scam. Make sure to read the description and listed ingredients of the product before making any substantial purchase.


The brand is comparatively new but, the product reviews are great and, we would suggest our readers visit the domain and surf through their products. It will help you decide are high purity natural products scam or legit? 

Social mediaYes
Trust scoreNot specified
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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