How to Make Paint in Ark

How to make Paint in Ark? · 1x Canteen, Water Jar, or Waterskin (filled at least 25%) or an Irrigation System · 2x Charcoal or 1x Sparkpowder.

Today we are talking about such features of a particular game. And a specific feature of that game. Nowadays, the competition among different gaming platforms is so high that everyone is looking for something new to attract their audience—new tools, new features, and new techniques.

Here we are concentrating on the Ark game and its features. Everyone knows that Ark is currently trending, and people are very excited to learn more about this game. After playing the game a couple of times, we overlooked various things and various features. To let you know about all these things about this game, we reveal different details.

What is Ark?


To pay attention to How to make Paint in Ark, we should know everything about Ark first. This is an online video game that is based on taming the dinosaurs. Here in this game, you can find dinosaurs destroying the building and killing the man.

You need to travel to different places throughout the game, find out the dinosaurs, and defeat them. It is a kind of shooting game and a roleplaying game, and people of both genres can be satisfied with this game.

There are different avatars available to play the game; you can choose your favorite one to play the game. Here we need to mention one thing: a trending feature is the paint feature. 


When people discover that a game also has an additional painting mode, they are excited more about the game and madly search for a way to paint. To help them out, we are here with every unknown fact of this game.

How to make Paint in Ark?

Paint, otherwise known as the dye, can color dinos, buildings, armor, saddles, weapons, and more. You can check what items can be dyed by dragging the dye over them. If it turns blue, you can dye it.

To craft them, you’ll need a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker.


Each recipe requires to How to make Paint in Ark:

  • 1x Waterskin, 1x Water Jar, or 1x Canteen (filled at least 25%)
  • 2x Charcoal, 1x Gunpowder, or 1x Sparkpowder
  • Berries (amount and type will depend on the color you want)

Put the items into the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker, light it or turn it on.

The list below creates five dyes at a time.


You can multiple the required items as many times as you want to get the amount you wish.

How many dyes are available on this game?

After deep research, we also included a long list of available dyes in this game. Apart from knowing How to make Paint in Ark, we need to know all such matters.

Black15 Narcoberry 2 Charcoal Water
Blue15 Azulberry 2 Charcoal Water
Brick12 Tintoberry 6 NarcoberrySparkpowder Water
Brown6 Amarberry 3 Azulberry 9 Tintoberry 2 Charcoal Water
Cantaloupe7 Amarberry 7 Tintoberry 4 StimberrySparkpowder Water
Cyan6 Amarberry 12 AzulberrySparkpowder Water
Forest7 Amarberry 7 Azulberry 4 Narcoberry Gunpowder Water
Green9 Amarberry 9 Azulberry 2 Charcoal Water
Magenta9 Azulberry 9 TintoberrySparkpowder Water
Mud4 Amarberry 1 Azulberry 7 Tintoberry 6 NarcoberrySparkpowder Water
Navy12 Azulberry 6 NarcoberrySparkpowder Water
Olive12 Amarberry 6 NarcoberrySparkpowder Water
Orange9 Amarberry 9 Tintoberry 2 Charcoal Water
Parchment12 Amarberry 6 Stimberry Gunpowder Water
Pink12 Tintoberry 6 Stimberry Gunpowder Water
Purple9 Azulberry 9 Tintoberry 2 Charcoal Water
Red15 Tintoberry 2 Charcoal Water
Royalty7 Azulberry 7 Tintoberry 4 Narcoberry Gunpowder Water
Silver6 Narcoberry 12 Stimberry Gunpowder Water
Sky12 Azulberry 6 Stimberry Gunpowder Water
Slate12 Narcoberry 6 StimberrySparkpowder Water
Tan4 Amarberry 1 Azulberry 7 Tintoberry 6 Stimberry Gunpowder Water
Tangerine7 Amarberry 7 Tintoberry 4 Narcoberry Gunpowder Water
White15 Stimberry 2 Charcoal Water
Yellow15 Amarberry 2 Charcoal Water


Here we gathered all information about How to make Paint in Ark. You have to remember some methods to make your favorite color to paint. But for your easiness, we shared the whole list of dye and making methods.

You can freely share your opinions and experiences with us through our comment section. We are waiting to see your responses.


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