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We hitherto guide our readers through the https // /activate code process to make the Starz app installation hassle-free.

With the advent of multiple streaming platforms in the United States, the competition is stiffer than ever. Today every user relies on these platforms and subscribes to them as per the requirements. It becomes mandatory to compare the services provided on different platforms and then make the best decision.

What is Starz?

Starz is an American premium cable and satellite TV network connection released in 1994 and is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment. It is broadcasting nationwide in the United States of America and is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado. 


The channels are available in two languages, and they are English and Spanish. The available picture formats are 480i (SDTV) and 1080i (HDTV). 

When it was launched 27 years ago, it was named Starz! Later in the year 2016, it was stylized as STARZ and is pronounced stars. It provides pay television network services and is very popular among the users.

 It can be streamed on Apple TV channels, Amazon Video Channels, and the Roku channel.


They provide up to 12 multiplex channels, out of which six are 24-hour multiplex channels, and all of these are available in both high definition and standard definition.

To avail of its services, the user needs to buy a subscription for $8.99 a month, which is much less than its competitors. It features 150+ shows and 1250+ movies that can be watched on its platform in the highest quality and anytime.

How to go about https // /activate code generation process?

The user can avail of the services of Starz TV and watch any content without much hassle on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or just any conventional television. It can be done using the Starz TV Amazon channel, Android app, or Roku channel.

By following the steps below, you can very easily download and activate the services of the Starz TV app.

  • Make sure that your device has an active internet connection.
  • Then login Roku channel store or Amazon channel store as per your preferred device and search for Starz app in the search box available.
  • Start downloading the Starz app by clicking on add channel button on Amazon channels or Roku channels store on the device.
  • Make sure that the app has been successfully installed.
  • Launch the downloaded Starz app after the installation and execute it; you need to click on it from the channels list.
  • After the launch process is successful; the Starz app will generate an activation code for the channel.
  • Now, using another device, preferably a computer, log in to the Starz activation portal and press the OK option available on the screen.
  • To login to the Starz activation portal, use the web address 
  • Then, the next step will be to enter the provided activation code and proceed with next.
  • Make sure that you enter the valid details, and after the completion of the entire step mentioned above, you are ready to use the Starz TV app on your device.

What are user reviews?


We did scrupulous research on how the users conceded to the streaming services provided by the platform, and we got a diverse response. Some users were discontented with the user interface and labeled it as a terrible app. One customer clarified that the content available was great, but he was agitated by the poor functionality of the application. 

Apart from these negative views, some users were satisfied with the services they rendered. They appreciated the https // /activate code generation process as effortless to use. With so many successful opponents in this line of business, they need to strive harder to be on the top of the streaming business.

Is the company legit?

Based on tremendous user response based in the United States and investigation on our part, we can very indeed claim it to be reliable to use and subscribe to. With diverse responses on the app store, the app’s rating stands at a firm 3.5 out of 5, which is a positive outcome. We even calculated its safety score, and for the app, the score was 60.6/100. 


All of this data gives us enough information for us to declare the app legitimate. We even calculated its legitimacy score, and it came out to be a solid 60.6/100. 


Since the pandemic, everyone is addicted to these online streaming platforms for their enjoyment. These websites keep users fixed to the television for hours at a stretch. These apps update new features to stay ahead in the competition, but it is necessary to have a manageable https // /activate code user guide.

We suggest doing some examination before you pick an online streaming platform and examine the rates and services they present.

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