Inazuma Activate The Mechanism

Did you aware that Inazuma activate the Mechanism? No worries! If you miss all new updates and information related to the latest updates in-game for your busy schedules. Here we prepare a detailed article on each new update related to this game. We describe all hidden facts in this article. We went through everything properly and came up with an analytical report for your better understanding.

Many fans are unable to unlocking new Mechanisms. They got confused and failed to clear each step that activates the Mechanism. But we will present some simple and easy tricks and techniques and strategies to unlock the Mechanism. Here in this article, you will found all possible ways to activate the Mechanism.

What is Inazuma activate the Mechanism? 


Genshin impact is an anime video game. This game is gaining popularity worldwide after they release the trailer of 2.1. You can play this game on each available platform like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The genshin impact announced that the 2.1 update is live now on their platform. 

The new trailer is introducing a bunch of new characters in this game. The long waited Ayaka is waiting in this latest update to experience a new adventure

A lot of new things are waiting in line to entertain you. Bundle of new secrets, treasures, exciting new domains are waiting on your way to explore.

What are the three new puzzles which Inazuma introduced? 


Inazuma impact launched three new puzzles in Inazuma activate the Mechanism new update. We are going to discuss these three new puzzles below.

  • Discharge stone, Relay stone, and Cumulation stone puzzle.
  • Lighting strike Probe. 
  • Electro elemental mechanism.

What are the Discharge stone, Relay stone, and Cumulation stone puzzles?

The Discharge stone, relay stone, and Cumulation stone puzzle are among the most challenging puzzles in this Mechanism. 


You have to use Electro elements to activate this Mechanism properly.

Discharge stone is a harmless electric current shooter. Relay stone properly conducts the current. And lastly, the Cumulation stone preoccupied electrical energy. 

Follow these steps to unlock this puzzle:

  • There are three things available in the format you have to familiarize themselves to solve this puzzle: Discharge Stone, Relay Stone, and Cumulation Stone. 
  • These stones have to connect the Electro current to the Discharge Stone to reach the Cumulation Stone. 
  • You have to be aware of two methods to connect them correctly. 
  • In the first one, you can place a Relay Stone to receive the Electro current from the Discharge Stone. They can place Relay Stones to redirect the current until it reaches the Cumulation Stone. 
  • In the second method, you must use their character or enemy monsters affected by Electro to direct the current to the Cumulation Stone.

What is a Lighting Strike Probe?

In the Lightning Probe, you can detect Electro-affected bodies, and then the pointer will turn to face it.

Needed steps to unlock this puzzle:

  • To solve this puzzle Mechanism, you must affect their characters with Electro and stand in the right direction marked on the base. It is pointed at by the white arrow in the picture above.
  • The arrow will follow where they are standing. If done correctly, it will most likely reward gamers with a chest.

What is the Electro elemental Mechanism?


This Mechanism is quite hard to activate in Inazuma activate the Mechanism. But we tried to describe a whole new and easily unlock this Mechanism correctly.

  • The Electro elemental mechanisms will change in direction or pattern when attacked. The cube will rotate in a specific order.
  • You have to ensure all cubes face the same direction to obtain the reward.
  • For these mechanisms, each attack will change the pattern on some cubes. Like the previous one, you must ensure all the cubes have the same way to solve the puzzle.
  • It appears that the attacks needed to activate these puzzles aren’t restricted to Electro attacks only. That’s why you should be careful when trying to solve this puzzle.


Today we are trying to sketch a detail about the Inazuma activate the Mechanismin front of your eyes. Hopefully, all concepts are clear in your mind. Do follow these steps and tell your connection to follow the same.

You can share your experiences with this new Mechanism and unlocking process in the comment section below. You can also share your tricks to activate it in the same. Stay connected, stay knowledgeable. 


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