Is Adidas Giveaway Scam

This women day Adidas is offering giveaways and many expensive sports and gym wear in free, is Adidas Giveaway Scam or it is a legit news, Find out?

Are you here to identify whether it Is Adidas Giveaway Scam or it is for real? Then stick to the article because we are going to reveal the truth behind it. We will also rectify the website and let you know the real reason behind this offer because millions of customers are searching for the same.


As we know, in this era of digitalization, there are several scam websites related to the United States and India available over the internet. To rectify each website for any unaware consumer is very difficult. But you don’t need to worry about that because we will clarify all your questions in this section.

All-about Adidas?

It is a world-renowned company that is more than 20 years old; several ranges of sports and gym wear are available. Several world-class athletes prefer this company due to its international and engineered design. Each sport or gym gear is specially designed and tailor-cut as per the requirements.


Till now, they have introduced many outfits, footwear, and other products. But recently, many shoppers are eager to know about one rumor, i.e., Is Adidas Giveaway Scam, which is spreading worldwide through Whatsapp, but whether the rumor is true or not, let’s find out.

Specifications (Legit Details)

  • Website Category: Sale several types of sports gear, gym wears, perfume, and other products.
  • Domain Age: The website is 25 years old, and it was started in 1995.
  • Contact No: +49 (0) 9132 84-0
  • Address: World of Sports, Adi-Dassler-Strabe 1, 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany.
  • Social Media Presence: Available on all social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Certification: It has HTTPS certification.
  • Payment Mode: It has an online payment mode.

Is Adidas Giveaway Scam?

It is very clear that Adidas has introduced many discounts, offers but we never heard about such offers where the company is offering giveaways. When we do research over the internet about it, we found something suspicious like the webpage, email address, and the domain name like:


If you see the web address, you will notice that the domain name seems suspicious; why would any internationally recognized company use such a suspicious domain? This rumor was spread through WhatsApp, and we all know that millions of such fake news circulate every day on WhatsApp.



It is essential to identify such fake news so that no one should entertain these rumors. 

What are the consumer reviews?


When the consumer started searching about the query that whether it is Adidas Giveaway Scam or not? Several opinions came forward, but none of them validate the website. We don’t think that buyers should trust such fake news; there are consumer reviews available.


As per the above information, it is clear that why this message is spread on WhatsApp. We should avoid such statements because scammers are very active these days; they just throw the stone in the water and wait for whether any fish comes out or not; for them, the innocent shoppers are fish. We will suggest you avoid this website; we also mentioned a similar website name you can refer to in the above section.

Meanwhile, if you have any more information regarding it, you can write us in the comment section.


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