Is Boost Lendify Legit

In this article, you will get to know in detail whether is boost lendify legit or not? We will also provide you an insight into their claims and how valid they are. Continue reading to find out more details.

Many online portals are helping users in the United States get their loans from third-party dealers rather than depending on banks. While dealing with any such situation, one needs to be cautious about what they are getting into and carefully read all the terms and conditions. Make sure to get involved with only trustworthy sources to avoid getting into any unfavorable situation.

What is boost lendify?

Boost lendify is an online portal that acts as an operator and shares the provided information of the customers looking for loans with the participating lenders, their network, and other partners they work with. 

The availability of loans is not decided by them but by the organizations they provide the information to. It is totally up to these parties to decide whether they want to or not to sanction the required amount.

All information they collect and share about the customers is as per their Privacy Policy. The customers need to be reviewed by the customers before presenting any information to them.

They have mentioned on their website that boost Lendify is not a lender.

If you are confused about whether is boost lendify legit or not, keep reading to know in detail.

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Some of the detailed specifications about their services mentioned on the website are given below.

  • The lenders might differ for different customers, and the platform does not control the rates and the fee charges provided by them.
  • It is not mandatory to accept any offer and can be canceled by the customers at any preferred moment.
  • They are not responsible for any agreement between the lender and the customer.
  • They do not perform a credit check on any of the customers.
  • They offer their services in the entire United States except for a few where the services are restricted due to state regulations.
  • They do not charge any fee to submit a loan request or to be connected to a lender.

Is Boost Lendify legit?

We went to their website, which is very well designed and has clearly stated all the terms and conditions. There was even a customer service experience section where numerous users have shared their experiences. We realized that they had not been Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited yet when we explored further. 

They have received a very positive response that somewhat assures us about their authenticity, but we still do not claim to reach any final judgment. We would recommend very carefully read all the non-disclosure terms and the privacy policies before any further association with the platform.

What are the user reviews about boost lendify?

  • Based on the extensive user response on the open-source, the platform’s rating comes out to be a solid 4.8 out of 5.
  • This generous rating lists it under the excellent services category.
  • We collected all the data to calculate its trust score. 
  • On the analysis, we found that a whopping majority of 82% of users rated the website excellent, 15% rated it good, and another 1% rated it average. Even less than 1% rated it poor, and a minor 1 % rated it bad. This data has been achieved solely based on user responses received on open platforms, and it clearly states the platform is very preferred among the users. 


Many users have mentioned their experiences with them on the website and question whether is boost lendify legit or not to rest. They have a very user-friendly online portal and are very transparent about the services that they offer. 

Read through all the terms, conditions, privacy policies, and lender information to better understand what you are getting yourself into. Remember to share your views with us; we love to hear from our readers. 

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