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We are here to answer your question is legit? By proving honest and unbiased opinions of the website. When you are shopping online, you must take great care in finding whether the store or the website is safe for you to invest money or dealing with any fraud.

This website is being popular among the women of the United States. In this article, we will tell what dblover is, what are its specifications, the advantages, and the disadvantages of buying from this website with customer reviews? We believe this will help you find out the legitimacy of this store.

What is dblover?


Dblover is a virtual store selling handbags and other girl-related things online. If you are a passionate woman about buying your bags online, you must know about this store. This was started very recently, just four months ago. But as the website shows, it has got an excellent collection of bags which suit all occasions.

These days online stores are making you involved in the scam. There are fewer stores which are safe for you. Let us see if this store is on the list of those actual stores by seeing is legit?


  • Categories: This is an E-commerce website trying to sell its products. You can buy all the categories of bags from this website. 
  • Contact address: Not found on the website.
  • Link for website:
  • Contact number: Not mentioned anywhere on the website.
  • E-mail address: Not found on the website.
  • Payment method: On this website, there are three payment methods available. You can pay through Paypal, credit, or debit card.
  • Shipping methods: Shipping is restricted only to parts of the United States; they ship worldwide via airMail service.
  • The time it takes to deliver its products: It takes 5-7 business days to complete delivery within the country.
  • Return and refund policy: The website accepts all kinds of return, refund, exchange, and order cancellation if the buyer is not satisfied with the product. But this should be done within seven days of product delivery, and the product should be unused.
  • Know the status of your order: You can get the relevant information from the website itself, whether your product is shipped or not.


  • You can select your bag from a variety of collections.
  • Free shipping available for orders over $59.99
  • You can easily track your orders.
  • Return, refund policies are at your comfort.


  • There is no way you can contact the seller or the customer service.
  • Prices are high when compared with other websites which sell the same bags.
  • No discount available on any product.
  • No clear description is available for products.
  • It doesn’t have an SSL certificate.
  • Sort button on the website doesn’t seem to work.
  • No proper division of products is based on the category they belong to.

Is legit?


Our first concern to check for legitimacy is contact information. We couldn’t find any information related to how we can contact them, even though we searched all over the web. Like adding fuel to the fire, the website is too young, and the web traffic is zero.

Moreover, the website is not developed well. Their main products are handbags, as they mentioned on the home page. But in their policies, they included that they sell men’s wear too. This seems too suspicious.

What do customers say about dblover?


As you might have already expected, their website doesn’t contain any reviews or ratings from the customer. In addition to that, this website can’t be found anywhere under trending websites. 

After doing a lot of research, we are disappointed to find no persons who have purchased products from this website. Low web traffic also indicates the same. 

Final verdict


As overall research, we have found only negativity about the website. The website is too young to trust, and the trust score it holds is zero. 

If there are customer reviews available, they will help us decide whether to for it or not. If the question needs to be asked, is legit? We recommend you stay away from any fraud.


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