Is EF Ultimate Break Legit

We all need a break after a long stressful year, and a long trip is a perfect option for it. But it is another level of stress to plan all those alone, but now EF Ultimate break is there to help you. Now, the question is EF Ultimate Break legit arise. 

We need peace and a little bit of change from our monotonous routine. But planning a trip is like a bundle of responsibilities on our heads. We can’t enjoy freely with all those tensions. But EF Ultimate break offers us a privilege to just enjoy, and they will plan it all by themselves. So read the article carefully to release your tension and take a step forward to a happy trip.

What is EF Ultimate break?


The initial name of the EF Ultimate break was EF College break. It is a platform that providing various tour packages to the age groups of 18-29. 

In 2003 EF Ultimate break was founded by EF group of companies. 

EF Ultimate break offers many facilities:

  • Readymade tour packages: They offer you various pre-planned trips. You need to select your favorite one.
  • Group trips: They only allow you to travel with a group.
  • Providing necessities: They planed all necessities and provided them to you.
  • Tour guide availability: They provide you a tour guide for a great experience in travel.
  • Installment payment: They allow you to pay on installment within a particular time.
  • All-time support throughout the entire trip: They offer you 24/7 support which solves your queries, problems through the entries trip.

Best persons who are fitting in their trip:

  • People who are 18-29 years old.
  • College is going, or college passes out student.
  • Travelers who have a fair amount of budget.
  • People who are in love with the nightlife and also are early birds. 

Is EF Ultimate break legit, lets find out?


  • Contact address: No information available.
  • Customers care number: 1-800-766-2645
  • Email address: 
  • Payment method: Credit/Debit card ( Visa Master Card)
  • Category of the website: Travelling website
  • Payment policy: down payments 
  • Package planning: You need to prepay $150 to lock your spot without any risk.


  • They plan the entire trip on behalf of you, includes all facilities of necessities and transportations.
  • This site includes every beautiful place as visiting the place. No matter how costlier place it is. Even they include beautiful unknown places which are not so popular.
  • They make plans for a big trip but in a short time which covers every part. So, it is time-saving.
  • It increases your communication skill and networking because there are 20 to 40 people in a group. It means you get a chance to interact with different people.


  • You can’t plan a trip according to your idea. You need to choose according to their packages.
  • You have to stay with the same 20 to 40 people till the entire trip.
  • You need to have a great energy level to cope with the whole team.
  • You can’t back up from the trip at the last moment.

Is EF Ultimate break legit or not?

There are thousand+ of good reviews about this site on 30 various websites. So, undoubtedly it is a legit website. 10+ websites rate it 3.5 stars out of 5, and 5+ sites rate it 4 stars out of 5 stars. Approx. 70% positive reviews.


It is a United States bases company running since 2003 under the EF group of industries. So, you trust them. After seeing all these points, we consider it as an absolute legit site. 

Customer opinion about it

As we mentioned in the above paragraph, it has thousands+ of good reviews from various websites. Many influencers were also planned their trips with them and share great experiences also. 


So, overall, customer’s responses are really good towards this site. Yes, there are some negative reviews also. But, we all sometimes know things are messed up after a lot of effort. 


So, here we ended up. Hopefully is EF Ultimate break legit help you to make your decision. If you want, just go to the site and log in, select your package. Have a happy trip.

Also, let us know about your own experience and if you find this article helpful or not. 


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