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Is legit? (17th May 2021) Get free unlimited Vbucks, check out all the latest info, and know what the users have to say.

Fortnite is no new name in the world of gaming. Either you have played it yourself at least once in your life or have heard or read about it somewhere. This is one of the most famous online video games with a crazy gaming fanbase. But with great fame, this game has also invited many problems regularly for its the United States based players regarding the sources to purchase its in-game currencies and items in the game. 

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an addictive online video game launched in 2017. Its developers are Epic Games. This game has won several accolades in the gaming world and is famous for its themes, graphics, and user experience. V-bucks are the in-game currency used to purchase in-game items like – BattlePasses, outfits, wraps, etc.

What is is one obstacle in the way of Fortnite. It is a website that claims to offer free in-gaming currencies of Fortnite, also known as V bucks. It is a website that has a V-bucks generator for its users. 


The website thus lures the gamers to get their promised V bucks and works completely otherwise. But the question is legit?

What does do?

The online scammers behind this website derive the user’s personal information and interfere with her/his privacy by conducting surveys that are irrelevant during the whole gaming and earning V bucks process. 

The scammers also display unwanted advertisements on the website and earn money from these kinds of immoral activities. ‘ legit’ can only be claimed by reading more about it. 

How do the players get scammed by

When the players access to get more V bucks, they are asked to enter their usernames from the Fortnite game compulsorily, and then they enter the amount of V bucks they want. 


After requesting this amount, the players are asked to verify themselves. 

The verification process?

Completing a survey that can leak your personal information and interfere with your privacy or downloading irrelevant applications might be a threat to your mobile phone and your data stored in it.

Later on testing, it was found out that the website also passes invalid usernames and offers free V bucks, which are completely insensible. Because of this circumstance, the players risk leaking their personal information to hackers and online scammers. 

So is legit?

This United States based game has always been in the news for inviting challenges for itself by online scammers. Like other fake websites created in the name of Fortnite for providing free V bucks, has been found one of them. 


This is a fake website and a scam that has the potential to turn the players into victims.

What do the developers say?

Epic Games had notified the Fortnite players beforehand not to fall for any kind of website that might lure them into an offer of free V bucks. 

Epic Games only supports verified and trusted sources for the information regarding the game and promotes only the in-game store for a safe and better purchasing of items and overall gaming experience.

How can players get V bucks?

The players should only purchase their desired items or unlock them in-game. Thus, this is the safest way to make the purchase, and players can enjoy a secured gaming experience. 


The company also advises the players to read the details of the game’s policies and guidelines and verify sources from which they get irrelevant information regarding Fortnite.


Is legit is as a result of this falsified? The website is just another punishable activity of cybercriminals and scammers who want to earn money by unlawful activities and play with the personal and sensitive information of the players. 

We advise our readers to not fall into the trap of these individuals and their activities and only trust verified sources, especially the in-game store. Leave a reaction and ask us a question in the comment section. 

Please do share what you think about the scam and its additional information down below!


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