Is gaming spot and consoles legit

Is gaming spot and consoles legit? In this article, we will be providing all legitimacy details of the following topic. With colossal competition these days, there are just so many websites developing that claim to sell authentic gaming items and consoles. Being a gamer, you must be confused as to where to buy and invest the money.

The website is quite appealing as it sells various famous gaming products at a reasonable price. Apart from legitimacy details, we are going to give the reader all the information about this portal. Scroll down to know more.

What is

It is an online store that provides popular game items at a reasonable price. The headquarters is in Los Angeles, United States. The website sells Nintendo, Xbox series, play stations, x box accessories, ps5 and ps5 accessories.

They also provide shipping in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia. The portal strives to provide excellent service by providing great prices. There is still a question- is gaming spot and consoles legit? We will be discussing this in a separate paragraph. 


  • It provides free shipping on orders above $500.
  • It sells the following items- Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS5 games, Xbox One, Xbox series X, accessories Nintendo switch, accessories PS5.
  • The website provides worldwide shipping.
  • Also, there is a 14 days return option available.


  • Address- headquarters, Los Angeles
  • Phone- 004065773072
  • Emails-
  • Owner- unknown
  • Website-
  • Shipping- worldwide 
  • Shipping charges- extra
  • Mode of payment- Apple pay, bank transfer, PayPal
  • Return- available within 14 days of purchase 
  • Refund- available 


  • The portal ships worldwide.
  • While few gaming accessories are out of stock on other sites, this portal has it all.
  • It provides no shipping charges on orders above $500.


  • Found no physical address & details.
  • No customer reviews section is available on the website.

Is gaming spot and consoles legit?

Now we have come to the place of concern. Before purchasing any items from a new website, we must quickly check the legitimacy paragraph of the domain. This will help us get scammed, but we can also share it to make them aware.

We have researched gaming spots and consoles, and we want to declare this site a scam. We have our points which will prove the verdict. Please read further.

  • The actual legitimate website does not provide these popular gaming items at low prices.
  • We saw lots of copied content from the other sites.
  • We could not fetch the proper company address. Trustworthy websites provide a complete physical address to the customers.
  • The customer care service is poor.
  • The delivery is slow.
  • Poor return and exchange policies.
  • The trust score is low.
  • The domain age is very young.
  • The identity of the owner is hidden.

Gaming spot and consoles customers’ reviews?

We couldn’t find any review section by the customer on their website. Through other sites and sources, we have seen lots of negative reviews.

Wrong delivery of the parcel and numerous complaints were with delay in shipping marking it a scam one. Some users even state the low customer care service and a lot of hassle in returning the items.


We conclude it by giving our remark as it’s a scam and suspicious one. We hope your question to “Is gaming spot and consoles legit?” is now cleared.

Would you please share your experience in the comment section for more clarity?

Trust scoreLow
SSL encryptionVerified
Customer’s reviewfew
Social media presenceyes

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