Is Inbox Dollars Legit

Before you trust this website, let us know is Inbox Dollars legit or diddle? This is none other than Inbox dollars. Who doesn’t get excited when they hear something about earning by sitting at home? The ongoing pandemic created more demand for this type of income. Then you need to know about a platform that will give you money by doing easy work. 


Everyone wants to do a little work to fill their pockets on the verge of their fingers on the laptop. This website is trending among the United States youth for providing them money if they take online surveys and these kinds of things. In this article, we will see if we can trust this platform and invest our time or it is something that wastes our time.

What are Inbox Dollars?

It is an online platform that will pay you if you take online surveys, watch videos, play games, and search on the web. We all want money from any source, whether it is a business or a 9-5 job. But these types of online sites that promise us to provide money seems near impossible right. Most of the time, we end up facing pop-up advertisements, irrelevant images and, a bundle of emails that are scams.


Most of the things that we come across are a scam. But it is believed by most people in recent times. So let us get started to know is Inbox Dollars legit or it is also a scam?


  • In this section, we will see the basic details of the site.
  • Contact information: Not available anywhere on the website:
  • Email address: Can’t be found anywhere.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment methods: You will get paid through Paypal.
  • Things that need to be done: Take surveys, try their new products, watch videos, getting grocery coupons, paid shopping, print coupons, and reading emails.
  • Things that you will get in return: You may get cash directly to your PayPal account, you may get a PayPal gift card, You may get an amazon gift card or a shopping coupon.
  • You need to pay $5 to the site to get started with your account on the site.
  • Their partners: Netflix, Walmart,, and from the United States. You may receive your payment within 10 business days.

This platform works in this way:

  • Brands that require input from users pay this company.
  • They recruit members to the requirements that those brands need.
  • The platform will pay the members who are recruited to do the work.
  • You will receive the cash directly, not any kind of coin.

Pros of Inbox dollars:

  • Easy to sign in for an account and get started.
  • You can earn actual cash instead of some coins that will help in online shopping.
  • You can get your rewards in the form of gift cards.
  • The tasks are not so difficult. They are a very easy and more fun type.
  • You can easily watch your earnings on the site itself.

Cons of Inbox dollars:

  • It will take a lot of your time. The videos may be big, or the surveys are long.
  • There will be a pre-survey in the website dashboard that decides whether you qualify to take a survey or not. This isn’t very pleasant.
  • Pre survey doesn’t give you money.
  • And it is a time waste if that shows you are not qualified to take the actual survey.
  • Earnings are not so high. They are very low. You may get $0.5 for spending your two hours on web surfing.

Is Inbox dollars legit?

Beforehand, these types of sites are not trustable. They always mislead to somewhere. Instead of payment, they will ask you to pay a little money as a processing fee with a word that you will get that back when you earn from websites.


These are the tricks that fraud companies use to snatch money from people. Moreover, Netflix won’t encourage such things and doesn’t provide any money-making someone their partner.

What do people say about this?

There are no reviews or ratings available on their website. But there are many testimonials from people over the web. There are negative and positive highlights equally. Few suggest that everyone not trust this site, which is just a diddle to take our money. 

Final verdict


Though there are positive reviews for this site, they seem suspicious as the site is too young. It is also found that company staff is giving fake reviews that say positivity about the site. If the question comes, Is Inbox Dollars legit? We will tell you that this may not be reliable.

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