Is kickgame com Legit

Is kickgame com legit? Nowadays, customers are observing thousands of websites that are e-commerce stores selling all kinds of goods. Users are often curious to know which website is legit. With the increase in e-commerce websites, there come the fraudulent ones too. Generally, no one wants to invest their money at a place where they don’t gain anything.

We are here with another article that will give the relevant details about kickgame com uk. With our thesis and analysis, we will tell you about how legitimate the site is. 


In The United Kingdom, citizens are die-hard fans of shoes and sportswear. With the launch of this website, people show a keen interest in buying from it.

What is kickgame com? is an e-store that opens the world of unique sneakers, tracksuits, sports accessories from high-end brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Supreme, etc. The website has made a good mark in establishing itself in the market of the e-commerce website. 


It is a fast-growing organization with some rare collections of products loved by most people in the United Kingdom and across the globe. But is kickgame com legit? Let us find more about this website.


  • Address – 4 James Street, Covent Garden WC2E 8BH London United Kingdom
  • Phone – Unknown 
  • Email – support(at)kickgame(dot)com(dot)uk
  • Owner- Robert Franks
  • Shipping- standard/ fastest
  • Return/refund- Available 
  • Mode Of payment- Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, google pay, apple pay, discovery 


  • The website delivers in most countries.
  • Shipping options are available for the fastest delivery with extra charges
  • Most reviewed collections are in stock
  • High-end brands are the main products 
  • Website is having a significant impact on customers 
  • Return policy public with some additional charges 
  • Quality assurance by the website 
  • Good reviews about the website found
  • The website is SSL encrypted 


  • Customer services is a bit slow
  • Standard delivery can take a long duration to arrive the parcel 

Is kickgame com legit? 

As per our research and analysis, we have this website to be legit. We will mention a few points, which will justify our statement.

  • The website is SSL encrypted 
  • It ensures to keep the data of the customers private.
  • The domain is pretty old, and it was launched in 2015.
  • There are the most positive reviews about the website. 
  • Until now, our analysis instigates us to declare it as legit as we have seen no signs of fraud.

Kickgame customer’s reviews


Is kickgame com legit or not? And whether they should buy from it. Well, they often look for reviews. About kickgame, there are mixed reviews available on the website. 

Most customers’ experience was satisfactory, and they did not feel any issue, whereas few users claimed to the website that they did not proceed with the warranty claiming process. With high-end brands often get one year warranty. 


If some customers face any issue within one year, kick game responds inappropriately. Some users are happy with the shipping duration and charges. Some are happy about the authenticity of the product. Few customers are satisfied with quality maintenance. 


Is kickgame com legit? We conclude our article now. As per our thesis, the website is legit. You can be surer and do your part of research before buying it. We hope that you get a fantastic experience shopping. 

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Trust scoreReliable
Customer’s reviewsYes
SSL encryptionVerified
Social media presenceYes

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