Is Kogan Legit

Are you looking for an answer to the question Is Kogan legit? Then, look no further! We are here to assist you. Today, we’ll be discussing a company that creates items and services that can be useful.

This business is famous in the United States, with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. If you want to learn more about this company, read the complete article.

What is

It is a company that sells electronics, home improvement tools, Footwear, and fashion for men and women, Office Supplies, Toys, and video games, and so many other things that are beneficial for daily home lives these days. 

Ruslan Kogan launched the company in 2006. He started with a site that sells LCD TVs made by Chinese manufacturers for him. Kogan products are worth over a million dollars a day. It has grown at a rate of 200 to 300 percent each year since its debut in 2006. 

By avoiding middlemen, wholesalers, and merchants, the company sells low-cost products from companies such as Apple, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Motorola, and others to the consumers. This business has a lot of potentials and is very enticing to customers. 

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  • URL-
  • Domain age- More than 15 years
  • Corporate information- KOGAN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, ABN 53 152 570 351, KOGAN HK LIMITED
  • Company Registration Number: 1659337
  • Website Popularity- 374 (Great)
  • Domain Black-list Status- Not detected by any black-list engine
  • HTTPS Connection- Valid HTTPS Found
  • A mobile app is available for Android and iOS.
  • Details about the president and CEO of this business are available on the website.
  • Email-
  • Phone- 1300 304 292
  • Physical Address- 139 Gladstone Street South Melbourne 3205 Australia


  • Worldwide Shipping!
  • Good market experience
  • Customer reviews are available on their website.
  • Customers can ‘Sign-Up’ to get amazing deals on desired products.
  • You can return your item in 30 days.
  • Popularity is more than average.
  • Because this website has a secure connection, data leakage is impossible. Hence, this is a safe website.
  • Returns and refund policy details of a product are available under the product’s description.
  • Details of the owner and CEO of the website are also available on the website.

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  • Negative customer feedback about customer service

Is Kogan legit?

This website received a trust score of 77%, indicating that it is trustworthy and safe for users. If this website had been a hoax, it would have been taken down in under a year. However, after doing some research, we learned that this website had been up and running for quite some time. 

This indicates that they have considerable market experience and have been providing their services for a long time. According to the organization, the most important component is customer happiness. However, after conducting research, we discovered that some buyers were dissatisfied with their customer service. 

We researched all aspects that influence a business website’s credibility and can now firmly say, YES! It is legit. You can go ahead and purchase from them.

What are customers’ reviews?

Several reports came during the search that assisted us in fully comprehending this website. As previously said, their popularity is above average. The average customer rating is 3.6 stars. There are reviews all over the internet. 7/10 customers said that they were satisfied with their products. 

But we also noticed that people were not convinced with their customer service. 3/5 customers faced issues related to refund and return, but when they approached customer care, it was highly unresponsive. Almost everybody knows about this business. We recommend you be cautious before shopping from them. 


This website is authentic and sophisticated, with login details prominently displayed on the homepage. Based on a thorough study, we believe that this website has enormous potential and that its products and services will not disappoint buyers. 

But we must say that caution is mandatory before purchasing anything from them. Therefore, the website appears to be completely safe, and we can confidently answer the question, “Is Kogan legit?” by saying that YES! It is legitimate. We have provided you with all of the information you require regarding this online business. You can now make your decisions. 

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