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In this article, you will get to know the answer to the question is legit? It is quite important to know all the details, especially when we deal with money. 

The website is trending in the United States by promising the customers that they will get huge money benefits when traveling via Avianca airlines. Let us see how it works.

What is

Avianca’s LifeMiles regular customer program has, for the most part, incredible reclamation rates and doesn’t charge fuel overcharges for any Star Alliance carrier, making it one of only a handful few Star Alliance regular customer programs that don’t charge fuel overcharges. 


While LifeMiles is extraordinary since the reclamation rates are, for the most part, great, their site has been known to be terrible. Furthermore, it has settled the score more terrible than it was. 

The site continually blunders out; however, that isn’t the greatest protest. It doesn’t show all accessibility, so if a flight is accessible, there is a 50/50 possibility the site will or will not show it. 

This isn’t new and has been the situation since the start of the program. The way around this is to send in an email for a manual booking, ask for and have somebody physically pull the honored space and make the booking. This works more often than not.

How to get started with


On the off chance that you meet this, you can smoothly apply at, with no trouble. 

The terms and prerequisites for applying for your credit benefits are truly adaptable. They simply need three basic strides from you to finish the application cycle. 

They are: 

  • Apply directly from your telephone or PC to advance by tapping on the application structure by visiting their website at 
  • Give every one of your subtleties alongside your financial balance subtleties.
  • You may get your credit ensured within 20 days from the use date if the application is prepared effectively. 
  • You should ensure that the subtleties that you gave on the application match with that of the subtleties in your financial balance. 
  • This is ensured by the public authority of the United States. 
  • Contact address: This band is from US; however, the location isn’t given on the site. We can settle the issues without any problem. 
  • Contact number: We can’t discover it on the site. 

In the next segments of this article, let us see the advantages while answering Is legit?

Pros of using

  • No application charge 
  • No yearly charge 
  • No beginning expense 
  • No late charge 
  • No prepayment charge 
  • You don’t have to have a financial assessment to get your charge card.
  • The people with helpless credit are profoundly welcome. 
  • The reaction rate is so fast, you can get your card so effectively promptly after your application accommodation. 
  • You don’t have to present any printed versions. 
  • The entire cycle should be possible on the web. 
  • You don’t should be an inhabitant of the United States; you can get it from any piece of the world. 
  • You can have free travel protection for your available travel time. 
  • You can get cash worldwide even now and again where you don’t have them in your record. However, you need to pay revenue for this till you store cash in your record, with a financing cost of simply 8%. 
  • After all those, you are getting benefitted for every mile you travel on Avianca.

Is legit? 


There is only one way to tell the genuineness of this site. That is by reviewing what customers say about it. We can’t go for other specifications as they seem pretty normal and won’t help us conclude legitimacy.

What do customers say?

There are honest reviews available over the web which will help you to clear the quest of whether it is legit or not like:

In smith’s words,


“I flew roundtrip business class from DFW to MDE on a blend of Taca and Avianca endeavoring to credit my Taca trips to United and my Avianca trips to LifeMiles. I got credit on neither program. I sent my tickets, receipts, and so forth to United for Credit, got an email that they sent them on to Taca more than two months since the flight and no credit.” 

Everyone admits that they got no credit. Presented the online case structure, with ticket, and so forth longer than a month prior, and as yet, nothing.

Final verdict

When the reviews are concerned, we must say that it is of less use to answer is legit?We got to know that they don’t do anything as promised.

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