Is lilicloth a legit company

Checking out the details of is lilicloth a legit company? Read this full informative article to find out the truth. It is one of the largest fascinating businesses is the clothing business. Men, women, and kids are always obsessed with new and trendy clothes. Even parents are willing to buy charming garments for their children. This business has no barrier about the specific target audience.

Under these circumstances, there is a massive growth of online retail clothing businesses. That’s why we need to find out if each site is a legit one or not. Today we are mainly focusing on the lilicloth website. We disclose all facts and new updates about this site in our article.

What is

Lilicloth is the fashionable site to buy clothes for women. But the central fact is lilicloth is a legit company or not. They have a tremendous and eye-catching collection of trendy clothes on their website.


We create a detailed summarized list of their products below for a clear view:

  • New arrival garments.
  • Bestseller dresses.
  • Unique graphic designer shirts.
  • Graphic designer dresses.
  • Halloween special collection.
  • Women tops.
  • Hoddles.
  • Sweatshirts.
  • T-shirts.
  • Dresses.
  • Bottoms.
  • Extraordinary men’s collection.
  • Essential accessories.
  • Products are available on sale.


  • Contact Number: No accurate info is available at this moment.
  • Email Id:
  • Contact address: Northern area of the United States.
  • Category: Online clothing retailer.
  • Payment mode: Online mode is a valid mode to clear all payments.
  • Payment method: PayPal, American Express, credit card, and debit cards are the available options for online payment.
  • Return policy: No specific information is given on the website.


  • The website uses a secured web connection. This site has an HTTPS certificate that means the website is secured, and this site cannot share your details with anyone else.
  • You can have a newsletter option where you can get the latest updates about the website.
  • You can have free shipping in the United States for first-time delivery.
  • If you download the official app, you can enjoy 10% off on the app; code is LLC10
  • Various payment modes are available.
  • Order tracking is straightforward.


  •  High shipping cost.
  •  Dysfunctional mobile app.
  •  If you want to make an online purchase from this website, you should have an account.

Is lilicloth a legit company?

Now, here we reveal the most awaited answer of you all. We spot many points and features about this website that help us answer this question in detail. 

Here are a few points which support our opinion about this website:

  • A valid SSL certificate is available, which means your private data is completely secured.
  • No legit social media presence is available on any social media platforms. There is no link available on their website about their social media handle.
  • We found both positive and negative comments about their products and the website. 
  • Few customer responses are available on the Internet.
  • This website is three years old, which means it is an old business website.
  • They ship their products all over the world.

Looking at those points, we are remarking this website with 65 percent of the trust scores out of a hundred percent. This website is an old one but not so much trusted and popular among people. We found some suspicious activity also on their website. 

For all these points, we can consider it a legit website, but this site has many complaints about the quality issue. If you still want to buy something from this site, maintain a few safety precautions.

Previous customer reviews about this site?

As we said earlier, we spot mixed reactions about this website and consider it suspicious. There are significantly fewer responses available on the Internet. 


Even 65 percent of them are harmful, and the other 35 percent are positive. The negativity is much stronger than the positive outcome. The answer of is lilicloth a legit company or not is clearly visible in this segment.

Julie said,

 “I just love their collection, but their services and quality disappoint me numerous times.”


Fanny said, 

“Their service is deplorable, but their collection and clothes are mind-blowing. The wait is worth it for them.”


 Parameters           Availability Status
Trust score 65%
SSL certificate Yes
Customer’s review Yes
Social media presence No

Here are all details about this website. Hopefully, this article will help you sketch a better idea and insightful image about this website and solve all questions.

You can also write to us about your experiences, views, and suggestions for the website, and this article is lilicloth a legit company in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting to see your responses.


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