Is Mejuri Legit

Is mejuri legit? Jewelry has been a part of attire since primitive times. It is a way of self-expression and love. You can buy it to show some self-love or gift it to someone to make them feel special. 

Whenever you are buying any gold item, you must be vigilant about the quality and its credibility. Finding the perfect online store for authentic jewelry can be difficult. Hence, we bring you the Mejuri website that creates a lot of buzz in the United States. 

What is Mejuri?

  • Mejuri is an e-commerce dealing in jewelry. There are many stores in the United States that you can visit. You can also find its piercing studios to get a new look.
  • They update new offers and discounts every season.
  • A 20% off discount offer is valid on a purchase of 150 USD.
  • There is two currency that is available on the website CAD and USD.
  • You can buy the latest and trendiest collection from them. You will find any Instagram jewelry.
  • They have a separate men’s collection that can be your best option as a gift.
  • There is a weekly Monday drop of new items.
  • They have fair pricing and do not use the 10x markups. All the prices get tagged after a statistical analysis.
  • It designs fine jewelry that you can wear every single day.
  • High-quality metals get used like recycled and mined gold. The diamond used is ethically sourced.
  • They use AAA-grade gemstones.

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  • Use +13105974745 contact number to call them for any query.
  • contact(at)mejuri(dot)com is the email address.
  • You can book a virtual Shopping appointment with their stylist representative to see all your picks up close.
  • They have a tool to help you find the nearest store that you can visit.
  • Due to heavy demand, they have not given any shipping time estimate for international deliveries.
  • In the United States, it takes 4-5 business days for standard shipping and one day for expedited shipping.
  • They have a 60 days return policy. But, your item should not be engraved, customized, or worn.


  • They use the best quality material in jewelry.
  • Trendiest and most stylish collections are available.
  • They have many stores that you can visit.
  • Virtual shopping allows you to get a better view of your preferred choices without going anywhere.
  • They have a user-friendly return policy.


  • The customer care service is satisfactory.
  • The international deliveries get delayed.
  • They have poor ratings on open platforms.

Is mejuri legit?

Mejuri is a well-known brand in the United States and, it has many stores that have regular customers. They have a vast social media presence and, many influencers have associated with them. 

There are 1 million followers on Instagram and, the account got verified with a blue tick. Hence this indicates that it is a legit brand.

It’d the largest supplier of stylish jewelry. They bring in new trends by promoting them on numerous platforms. Are you worried about the quality and claims of the company? 

You can book a virtual shopping appointment and take a closer look at your picks. We did a comprehensive analysis on the whole website and found no uncertain terms but, we will ask our readers to do some research. And visit the stores before making online purchases.

Customer reviews on Mejuri?

We locate some authentic customer feedback on open sources to find is mejuri legit. We found that most of the people were unsatisfied with their services. It has got 2.2/5 stars by the users. 

The reviews on the official website are positive and show excellent ratings. They have poor customer service and do not answer the emails for weeks. Some people even say that the showroom presents better quality items than the online website. 

All the problems posted on open platforms got answered by their representatives which, is a good policy. Some people are satisfied with their products and say that their gold quality is better than any other brand. 

But we also came across a review by Stacey. She mentioned that her solid 15 karat gold earring turned a different color and got rusted. It is a major rip-off for many customers.


Is mejuri legit? There is a mixed Customer response on open sources which, makes us skeptical. Due to this, we could not decide on its credibility. You can visit the social media platforms to get a better insight. 

Do not forget to make a live appointment before making any substantial purchase.

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