Is My Prepaid Center Legit

Is my prepaid center legit? Latest updates 2022 >> Read all the essential information about it and whether it is safe for you or not?

Then, you will get to know the complete information in this article. Among the common scams that every country faces, the debit card scam is also one. How does this scam betray people? How to avoid such scams? 

In recent times, the United States and many countries have faced fraud issues. One of those scams is my prepaid center. It offers credit and debit cards for which you don’t need to pay any money. 

Also, they offer services like auto add money to your account during insufficient balance. This seems too good to be true. Let us see the complete details and find out whether it is my prepaid center legit or not. 

What is my prepaid center?


Getting many of the nice things in life depends heavily on your credit score. Lenders use your credit score to help determine whether to approve you for a line of credit as well as what interest rate and terms they can offer you. 

My prepaid center gives you cards, with their benefits, will provide you with the chance to offer more credit scores. Having a higher credit score means that you’ll generally pay lower interest rates on things like a car lease or a mortgage for a house—planning for your financial future starts with building your credit score. 

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This 18-year old company has an application to access all of its benefits, with a monthly subscription of $7. 

Let us know is my prepaid center legitand the process to get this card.

How can you get your card? 


Getting and enacting this card is very simple. You can follow these steps: 

  1. Visit their site by accessing the URL: 
  2. On the home page, there are two noticeable options, to sign up or log in. 
  3. As you wish to get the card, you need to tap on the register. 
  4. Now, it asks you to enter details like name, age, address, email address, telephone number, and so on.
  5. After you enter each of them, you need to pay $10 as a postal charge while they send you the credit or debit card via post. 
  6. Choose the payment gateway that suits you. You can also pay online.  

7. Then, click on get my card. 

It generally requires 6-7 days to confirm your profile and send you the card. In the following sessions, we will see is my prepaid center legit. 

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Here are the utilizations you can get by using this card: 

  • No deposit, interest, or hidden fees
  • The impact on credit score is high. 
  • If you register on their application after getting a card, you can make cardless transactions from the application or their website. 
  • You can review each of your transactions from the application. 
  • No need to visit any office or bank to do this. You can easily enable and disable your card with your mobile phone whenever you need it.
  • There are rewards available for every transaction you make. 
  • With the help of their application, you can pay all bills and keep a check on your monthly expenditures.
  • Every purchase with your extra card gives you a notification in real-time. 

In contrast to other cards, you can get cash backs and virtual coupon cards used for the transaction. Let us proceed to is my prepaid center legit section after seeing cons.


  • They charge for their subscription. 
  • It doesn’t check credit scores during the application process.
  • No introductory bonus or promotion is provided on this card.
  • These cards do not have access to ATMs.

Is my prepaid center legit?

  • This brand likewise doesn’t affirm the legitimate bank, which the public authority of the United States gave. 
  • They have a web-based media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn in the association’s name. 
  • By and large, this app holds a trust pace of 1%. 
  • There are a lot of complaints against this website that it only takes the money you deposit in the bank. 

These confirmations uncover that the card is not reliable. 

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My prepaid center – User reviews?

On our research, we have found a few reviews on the web. We are mentioning a few here:

Katie says


“I have recently ordered the debit card and cannot wait to receive and use it. The philosophy and structure behind the card are genii. It allows you to build credit by simply spending as you normally would with your regular bank debit card. But, they didn’t give me any”

Arvin claims, “Since my prepaid center is connected to a bank that you are already using, it makes credit building very simple because the only thing you need to do is use a debit card instead of your bank debit card to build credit. Unlike a secured card, no initial investment is needed to get started. But seems doubtful.” 

These reviews convey that they are excited and, at the same time, satisfied with their service and card principles.


After seeing the general information, if we need to say about is my prepaid center legit, we should say this card is a scam. Also, as the reviews reveal, the service is not up to the mark.

Social media presenceYes
Trust score1%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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