Is Nigo Clothing Legit? Researched Information (Oct. 23)

Is nigo clothing legit? Based on our researched information is multi-brand showroom that sells branded sneakers. Few complaints that products are fake.


To resolve this confusion, we gathered various data from public platforms and independent source about customer reviews and about its legitimacy. We have prepared an analysis report of the website to ward off all such conflicts and give rise to a clear understanding. It will include all the essential characteristics, pros and cons.

What is

This website contains all categories: apparel, accessories, shoes, and more. What sets it apart from all similar e-commerce platforms is that it adheres to the new styles and trends that have emerged in recent years. 


Apart from setting up an online store, the franchise has offline stores in different places. The source’s motive is to ensure they always keep their customers in sync with the transforming fashion. Along with it, several perks are available, which makes it a worthy source. Although it has several perks, the question remains: is Nigo clothing legit?

Type of Items

  • Clothes for men and women
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Gifting items


  • Purpose: To provide men and women with all types of apparel, shoes, etc.
  • Contact/Whatsapp number: +1(518) 417-0626,

Saturday – Sunday 08:00-17:00 BST

  • Timing: Monday – Friday 08:00-20:00; 
  • Email ID:
  • Address: NIGO. Los Angeles, 620 S. VIRGIL AVE APT 408, LOS ANGELES CA 90005 T: +1 (913) 728-0141
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter
  • Shipping: Next-day delivery 6 pm
  • Shipping fee: $15
  • Return: within three days


  • Users can avail themselves of various collections at affordable costs, from men’s apparel to women’s outfits. The prices are so reasonable that it has sparked several doubts, such as: Is Nigo clothing legit?
  • Men and women can even find several branded items, making it a luxury option for many.
  • Apart from clothes, men and women can also find shoes and accessories to complete the whole outfit.
  • The website has categorized each item into different sections, which makes it feasible for all customers.
  • It is also a valid option for those who want to select quirky items for gifting purposes.
  • Customers can even check out their likes of clothes and other items from their offline stores, which are available in three different locations.
  • They are available on almost all social media platforms and even WhatsApp, making it feasible for all users to contact instantly. 
  • Users can even access a series of benefits and offers by signing up for discounts and offers. 


  • The website charges over $15, which can be pretty off-putting for many customers.
  • With the availability of a wide range of such online platforms that have already established a name for themselves, some may question its legitimacy. The question that still bothers many is: Is Nigo clothing legit?

What are customers saying about 

We attempted to gather customer feedback for our readers out there. Our endeavor aims to collect evidence on whether the site is legit. In our pursuit, we went through social media platforms, public discussion forums, and more. From this, we collected the following responses:

  • One male customer mentioned that the shop took money from him but did not send him the shoes he had ordered. They did not even provide any tracking number for the same.
  • There is one customer who is highly dissatisfied with the services to the extent that he even finds a case with different authorities.
  • A female customer stated that she purchased from the website only to wait for six weeks without any notification about its arrival.
  • Another customer who purchased a branded item from the store mentioned that her order was nearly a knock-off.

Is nigo clothing legit?


Given the reviews we gathered from a wide range of sources and our own experience, it is evident that it is illegitimate. Our verdict is based on the following points:

  • Even though it has mentioned social media links for its page, they still need to be made available.
  • The contact details provided do not sometimes work, or even if they do, the calls go unanswered.
  • The customer reviews from different sources state that it needs better services and quality products.


Hence, as the website has received a 1.7-star rating in Trustpilot as per date 10 Oct 2023, it is safe to say that it is an untrustworthy site. Although it may seem alluring, it would be best to maintain distance from it. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your valuable feedback in the comments section below. 


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