is on deck sports legit

Is on deck sports legit? If you are a coach or really into sports, this article will help you a lot.

On Deck Sports is a renowned company that provides extraordinary sports-related services. The sports industry is developing massively. 

It is a new name in the industry, and many people are not aware of these facilities. To let them know and check the legitimacy of this website, we present this article with core information about it.


We will share all category-related information, positive facts, adverse facts and other essential elements to picture the actual scenario.

What is on deck sports

This is a sports-related online website that provides team facilities, ground facilities, equipment facilities and many more things to discover. This has been running their business since the year of 2007. 

But recently, their name came on highlights for their upgraded features. Now the confusion lies in whether deck sports are legit or not? So, let’s explore the categories to know more about this company.

What are the available categories of services on deck sports websites

You can find several different categories available on this platform. We created a detailed list to help you all with this matter.

Team equipment services


In this category, we also have four subcategories which are,

  • All team equipment.
  • Baseball and softball equipment.
  • Training aids.
  • Practice equipment.

Field and facilities services 

  • All field and facility services.
  • For the field services.
  • Maintenance and protection services.
  • Facility improvement services.

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Artificial turf

  • All Artificial turf.
  • Indoor facility turf.
  • Batting cage turf.
  • Driving range mats.
  • Putting greens.
  • Gym turf and rubber flooring.
  • Landscape turf.
  • Turf mats.
  • Home plate halos.
  • All turf.
  • Turf accessories.
  • Overstock turf.
  • Used turf.

Sports netting services

  • All Sports netting.
  • Batting cages.
  • Golf netting solution.
  • Custom netting.
  • Sports goals.
  • Netting hardware and accessories.
  • Baseball and softball netting.
  • Barrier netting system.
  • Black widow motorized batting cages.
  • Golf netting.

Apart from these services, two more services are available: Indoor sports facility services and clearances services.


  • Category: Sports-related services.
  • Contact address: 150 wood road, suite 200, Braintree MA 02184.
  • Contact email: info(at)ondecksports(dot)com
  • Contact number: no contact number is available on their website.
  • Price rate: you need to contact them to know their respective price rates.


  • They have experienced service providers nearly with more than ten years of experience.
  • They also have offline offices to visit. Initially, they started this service in stores.


  • Though we failed to find any negative facts, the one drawback is no contact number is visible on their website.

Is on deck sports legit


Is on deck sports legit? According to our analytical studies, this website is verified. We present a few points to justify their legitimacy:

  • We mark this website as legit with an 84% trust score.
  • They have very responsive customer service via email.
  • All store-related address information and email ID is clearly visible on the website 
  • All details about their services and company-related information are available on their website.

What is the customer’s opinion on deck sports

We found several positive reviews from the side of customers. We can give our opinion on is on deck sports legit based on thIs segment.

Ron said,

“Whenever I want service related to turf, I go to this website and book their services. They provide top quality services.”


Kaylee said,

“All their team requirement services and group related facilities are remarkable. Their customer care is very responsive and always up to solve your queries.” 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 84% 
Social media presence Yes 
Customer opinion Yes 

Here we served all essential details related to sports service. And our answer on whether “it is on deck sports legit” is yes. You can go for it, and they have various good reviews to justify their legitimacy.

You can share all your doubts and opinions in our comment section. We are waiting to see your responses.


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