Is Silicon Nerd Reliable Ps5

Do you want to find the answer to is silicon nerd reliable PS5 seller? Calm down and read the whole article. Hopefully, you heard the name of this company and want to learn more about it before buying anything. No worries! We are presenting here detailed info about your query. This website has an extensive range of gadget collections and many more things.

This website is the United States-based online gadgets selling website. Besides the primary information like what it is and the available products of this site, we present a detailed research theory of their hidden drawbacks and benefits in this article. Many new and exciting update is waiting for you all to disclose.

What is a silicon nerd?

Silicon nerd is selling gaming products, electronic gadgets on an online  website. They have various kinds of products. We create a detailed list of their products below.

  • Detailed list of products:

There are two specific categories available on their site which are,

  1. Gaming console.
  2. Computers or laptops.

In gaming consoles, there are five different components available, which are

  • Gaming accessories.
  • Laptops.
  • Nintendo.
  • PlayStations.
  • Xbox.

In computers, there are also five sub-categories available;

  • Computer accessories.
  • Gaming laptop.
  • Normal laptop.
  • Razer.
  • Samsung.

Excited about the revelation of the answer of is silicon nerd reliable ps5 seller or not. Hold your breath. We will come on it in our upcoming portions.


  • Contact Number: No information available is related to it at this moment.
  • Contact address: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, UK/ 200 Water Street, New York, New York 10038, US.
  • E-mail:
  • Payment options: Only an online method is open to clear all payments on this site.
  • Payment method: Amex, VISA, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal are secured methods to purchase products from this site.
  • Shipping method: They ship their products via FedEx.
  • Shipping rates: Free shipping available on purchase of $100.
  • Return policy: You need to place an order within ten days of delivery.


  • A valid SSL certificate is available on this site, which means your data is highly secured.
  • Apart from this, a valid HTTPS certificate is also issued in their name.
  • Easy payment and return policy are available on every purchase.
  • Renowned names of brands are selling their products on their website.
  • Free shipping is also available over a fixed price rate.
  • Each item is available at its actual price without any extra tax.


  • No acknowledgeable social media presence is available on social media except Twitter. But the account also seems like a fake one.
  •  No separated about us portal is available on their site.
  • No contact number is available on their site.
  •  No honest customer review is available on the internet.
  • This site is not popular than all competitors.
  • Each product has no detailed description on its site.
  • The website is designed very poorly.

Is silicon nerd reliable ps5 seller?

During our research sessions, we spot various kinds of flaws and drawbacks about this website. We present a good list of issues that attract our attention in the analytical assessment.

  • This website has an expiration date. The date is 2021. This issue is suspicious because the online product selling website will not expire so quickly.
  • We can give it a 50% trust score based on its features, but this site is not trustworthy at all
  • They copied their general information from another website. Apart from this, there are no about us segment is available on their site.
  • Another shocking thing is this site is three years old but didn’t have any customer review about them.
  • This company claims them as a big company, but they don’t have any promotional activity on social media or any other field.

These points are clearly against the legitimacy of this company. According to us, be aware of such suspicious sites.

Customer reactions and opinions about this website:

During our research schedule, we are not able to find any honest reviews about this website. Even, though we checked on it once again in our analysis program, the result is ultimately is zero. Is silicon nerd reliable ps5 seller is a wrong statement as per our opinion?


Trust score50%
SSL certificateYes
Customer reviewsNo
Social media presenceYes

Now, you have a clear idea about this website. According to us, use this site with your safety concerns because this site is not trustworthy.

You can also share your thoughts and experiences with this site in the comment section below. Let us know your feedback on this article “is siliconnerd reliable PS5” seller or not in the same.


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