Is the Hopper App Legit

This article will learn about the site and ‘is the hopper app legit?‘. Airways is the best mode of transportation as it reduces the chances of accidents and is faster. You must book your tickets in advance to keep the costs of your flights down. You also need reservations in hotels for your stay. 

Hopper is an airfare shopping place that provides your air tickets at low and affordable prices and helps you book hotels. Airplanes can go anywhere and are comfortable for long-distance traveling. This article will help you in knowing more about the services provided by the site.

What is Hopper?

One of the commonly aroused doubts may be ‘is the hopper app legit?’ or ‘what is this website/app?’. As mentioned above, Hopper is an airfare shopping place where you can purchase air tickets at affordable prices and can also book hotels for your stay and cards for your local traveling. 


The hopper app was launched in 2009. It tells you the details of the flights for your destination and the best time for you to travel. The website also receives a lot of bookings daily. It claims to provide 95% accuracy. 

The hopper app can be downloaded from the playstore or Apple store. After creating an account on Hopper, you can search for your flight information.

Detailed information

  • Flights- You can book your flights using either the site or app easily at safe prices.
  • Hotels- booking hotels in advance for your stay saves you from hassles, and you get a good idea about various accommodations. It saves your time as well.
  • Cars- booking cars or vehicles for traveling helps you get a convenience in other cities without any problems, and you can freely travel around.
  • Careers at Hopper- Hopper provides you an opportunity for jobs. You can be a part of a travel agency that will help their customer explore the world.


  • URL-
  • Address- it is located in Boston, MA, in the United States.
  • Toll-free number- 1 514 276 0760
  • Email- 
  • Additional charges- depending on the country in you arrive, you may have to pay migration charges.
  • Payment methods- You can pay using credit/debit cards. You may also use a prepaid credit card for payment.
  • Refunds- if you canceled your bookings on the same day, you will be refunded with 3-10 business days; else, it will take upto 15 days.

Pros of Hopper

  • The website’s SSL certificate is verified.
  • It can be accessed anywhere around the globe.
  • It provides you with the best offers after comparing thousands of flights.
  • The app is also easy to download and use.

Cons of Hopper

  • You must have a proper internet connection.

Is the hopper app legit?

The website has scored a high trust rating and customer rating on the internet. There are over thirty thousand downloads of the app. 


Hopper provides you 95% accurate and recommended reservations for your flights. It helps you in saving money by offering you great deals. 

It has even been featured on famous news platforms such as New York Times. It is like your personal travel agent, which is socially recognized as well. Hence, the site is legal and can be accessed without any issues.

What are the customer reviews?


There are a lot of customer reviews answering the question ‘is the hopper app legit?’. Their customer service as experienced by the customers is considered significant and smooth.

 A lot of customers expressed their gratitude and praised Hopper for the customer service. They praised the smooth check-out process. It notifies you the instant there are flash deals available for you. 

Most of the customers expressed that they would like to use Hopper again in the future. You can stay connected to the site through their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other networking sites and see for yourself the facilities that the site offers. 



As from the details mentioned above, the answer to the question’ is the hopper app legit?’ obvious. In short, the site and app are legal, and there are over hundreds of customer reviews claiming the same and appreciate the services provided by the site. 

You can follow and confirm your doubts from their social media accounts as well. The site can be freely accessed without any cautions as it is trustworthy, and the chances of being scammed are very low. 

You can easily download the hopper app and use it to find great deals at affordable prices. You can also tell your reviews in the comment section.


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