Is There A DPD Scam Text

Are you looking for some information about is there a DPD scam text? Today we came up with an informative article related to the recent scam incidents. As the world develops increasingly with each passing day, crime also expands its way to victimize you. They always found a new and innovative way to hamper all your wealth. 

Currently, new generation criminals create a new way to rob you. And you know what the funny part is? You are providing them all details to rob you. You even won’t get an instinct when you give all details to them. This new way is the new trump card to steal anyone entirely without leaving any trace.

What is DPD text?

In recent times we all are entirely shifting ourselves to home delivery kinds of stuff. That’s the new gateway for the criminal to grab all your money in a very convenient way. Various shopping malls, products, and servicing centers deliver your essential kinds of stuff at your doorway via different parcel delivery services like DPD.

Here the new type of scam happens. Many people are recently complaining about getting fake email and text messages from DPD. In the last ten months, there are hundreds of complaints filed about fake emails and texts from DPD. 

Even some customers lost all their banks in this scam program. This is a dangerous trap for all of us. Now you might be thinking about whether it is there a DPD scam textor not.

How to spot is there a DPD scam text?

According to DPD, there are various ways to spot a fake email and text. Here we disclosed some facts about fake DPD email and text below:

  • Bad language formation: You need to read the email or text very carefully. If you spot a lousy sentence with a grammatical error, it is a scam text.
  • No direct address of your name: If you see the text or massage is sent without your name or whom it may concern, sir/madam, or customer, then it is suspected as a scam text.
  • Availability of links in text: There are various links available on that single email or text where you need to click for further procedure.
  • Asking for payment: These kinds of scam texts are always demanding payment.

What’s the procedure for scams?

  • Firstly, the scam authority sends you a text or email about some failure in delivery, and you need to pay a certain amount to reattempt the delivery. They attach some links in that text message to do the procedure of reattempt.
  • The text and email generally contain a link that instructs victims on setting up a reattempt for their parcel and paying the additional fee.
  • If you go ahead and make the payment, you’ll then receive a phone call a few days later from someone claiming to be from your bank to inform you of suspicious transactions on your account.
  • Crooks are undertaking this scam very carefully, and it seems like the text or phone call is genuinely coming from the bank.
  • The victim is then told that your bank account could be disabled and is instructed to transfer their money into what they think is a secure alternative account to prevent further loss.
  • However, the victim has transferred their money into an account under the fraudster’s control in the actual scenario.
  • In some cases, criminals can gain enough personal data and security details during the phone call with the unsuspecting victim that they can take out a loan in the victim’s name – and then, again, transfer the loan to a particular person account they want.

Hopefully, you got the answer whether it is there a dpd scam text issue or not. Yes, there are several scam texts available about DPD.

What is the further step which a person needs to follow after getting these false texts?

You need to ensure that you won’t press any link attached to this site at a very primary stage. And ignore those texts and transfer them to your spam or junk inbox.

What steps does someone need to take if they accidentally click on the link? 

If you accidentally click on the link, you need to contact your respected bank and tell them about all these things in a concise manner. Then, you need to discuss further steps with them according to their rules and regulations to prevent piracy.


Hopefully, you can get brief information about the new scam incident. Be aware of this thing. Read all the emails and texts carefully and think before the click on any link.

You can also share your opinion and thought about this incident and the article “Is there a DPD scam text?”below in the comment box. Stay connected for more such information.





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