Is Vitkac Legit

Is vitkac legit? Let us find out. This article will enlighten all the details about the website and also its legitimacy. Shopping digitally has now become a trend. With thousands of shopping applications available, we often wonder which one is authentic. We generally find fewer websites and applications to sell some high-end brands. 

In the United States, people look out for high-end clothes and apparel, but going and buying from the market or store is considered a nuisance. Vitkac is an e-commerce store that claims to sell luxurious, authentic brands and ships worldwide. 

What is vitkac?

Vitkac is a digital application/website that sells high-end, luxurious, authentic brands at a discounted price. Such stores rarely give discounts, so the website is getting colossal customers’ attention. 

Vitkac has two stores in Warsaw and Poland. The website has all accessories and clothes for men, women, and kids. Is vitkac legit? Quickly scroll down to know about it.

It is a fashion gallery that only stocks luxurious items at a discounted price. The application is quite popular in the United States.


  • The company sells clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and bags for all.
  • The store is located in Warsaw and Poland.
  • The sale is live on the application.
  • For new users, 10% off is applicable on the first order.
  • Famous designer brands are available.
  • Apart from fashion items, the stores also sell interior design products by favourite designers.


  • Address- stores in Warsaw and Poland
  • Phone- +48226996055
  • Email- customerservice(at)vitkac(dot)com
  • Website- www vitkac (dot)com
  • Mode of payment-visa, MasterCard, paypal, gpay, discover
  • Shipping- worldwide 
  • Return- available 
  • Refund- available 
  • Essential product- apparel and accessories 


  • All in one fashion stop.
  • High-end brands at a discounted price.
  • The website is protected by HTTPS protocol.
  • A standard payment mode is available.
  • All necessary contact details of the website are mentioned.


  • No cash on delivery.
  • Limited items in stock.
  • High Shipping charges 

Is vitkac legit?

This is the most awaited column of the article. We are declaring this site as trustworthy and legitimate. We are giving this analysis based on the following parameters-

  • We have found a great super high trust score from a reliable site.
  • We see some. Good customer feedback.
  • All the contact details are verified and accurate.
  • There is no such case of fraud found about the website.
  • The products are authentic.
  • The website is verified by SSL encryption.
  • The domain is more than two years old.

Customer’s review?

After a lot of research, we have found some excellent reviews about the website. Although we won’t dent, there were some bad ones as well. But we will focus on the good ones because the ratings of the website are satisfying.

Is vitkac legit? The doubt must have been cleared now. There are 4-star ratings present from the customers, which is good.

Few of the customers praised the site and stated- They sell authentic stuff with unbelievable discounts. The shipping is quick. Up to 70% off were found on luxurious brands. 


Is vitkac legit? We have given the declaration with some points. The site is safe to use. If you are looking to buy these luxury items, you can give them a try. 

write instead you can share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Trust scoreHigh
SSL encryptionVerified
Customer’s reviewGood
Social media presenceyes

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