Is Xbuner legit Or Not ? Check Out (July -2022)

Have a few inquiries about the site xbuner and like to know Is Xbuner legit? Then, you are at the right spot; we will likewise discover at what rate individuals trust this site. 


In recent times, most of the newer websites from the United States are becoming fraud as people found a way of getting money by betraying people. The way is making a fake site and promising to sell items online. So, if we are shopping for something online, it is essential to make sure that the site is legit.

Likewise, let us see the legitimacy of the site Xbuner, which is known to sell a few fitness equipment.  

What is 

As you might have seen, the website sells all types of fitness equipment and outdoor sports essentials. The company is an initiative a person named Mike, who is a fitness enthusiast. He has been in the profession for ten years and is recommending fitness materials on this site.


The site sells treadmills, exercise bikes, all gym equipment, elliptical machines, and dumbells. Also, they have suitable materials from home workouts to fitness centers.

So, let us know Is Xbuner legit? Before going there, let us the particulars along with the buying gateways the site provides its customers.


  • Categories of items that site sells: Workout utilities, Shoes, gym equipment for the most part. 
  • Contact address referenced on the site 3550 W Clarendon Ave., Suite 2-3, PHOENIX, AZ, 85019, United States. 
  • Link for site: 
  • Contact number: Not specified anywhere on the website. 
  • Email address:
  • Payment strategy: Payments are acknowledged when made through Paypal, Mastercard, or Debit card. 
  • Shipping strategies: They transport all over the world with their private transport facility.
  • The time it takes to convey its items: 7-14 workdays to finish conveyance inside the country. It requires resulting days dependent on the distance for different nations. 
  • Return and exchange policies: All returns must have a return authorization from the website before shipping. Only then, they accept returns or exchanges.
  • Privacy strategy: They will give you an online security statement for your purchase once you make a request. 
  • Tracking techniques: There is no tracking facility available.


  • You can find every item related to the fitness category in one place.
  • As a fitness coach controls the site, there are chances that things are made for the best use.
  • You can get a 10% markdown on your first order. 
  • Free standard delivery on orders more than $89.99  
  • The costs are low, and they are selling branded ones. 

However, this section sounds great; at the same time, this appears to be suspicious, because no authentic website sells branded items without mentioning the credit. So we certainly need to see is Xbuner legit?


  • No customer support number is accessible. 
  • The return policy is not a good one from the customer’s point of view. Even if we get a damaged tool, they won’t guarantee exchange also. 
  • No rating was accessible anyplace on the site, not in any section.

Is Xbuner legit? 

As it is a website related to fitness, they made a blog answering a few popular questions about fitness. It may make us trust the website as they have been true to the purpose for the customer’s benefit.

But it is found on research that all the images used for the products are copied from the web. Also, they mentioned few branded items without the concern of the particular brand (Nike), which is illegal. So now, the low trust of 1% makes us think that the site may be suspicious.

What are xbuner com reviews


They do not have any social media page and hence no broader reviews about the products. We have found only reviews over the web, conveying that the product is not received after making complete payment. It means they are not selling products at all.

Closing thoughts

If you need to know, Is Xbuner legit? Most of the legitimacy points take the site near to the fraud category. Copying images and using the names of other brands makes this site a suspicious one.

Social Media PresenceNo
Trust score1%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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