Jemianna Clothing Reviews

Jemianna Clothing Reviews


Check out all the latest fashion at jemianna Clothing >> Read Jemianna Clothing Reviews by the customers. Find out the quality review.


Beautiful and stylish clothes in a shop or a website can compel anyone to buy them. Jemianna is an online store that sells women’s garments. The images of clothing provided by the website can lure us. The unbiased survey and Jemianna Clothing Reviews will enable the buyers to get exact information about the website. 

Fraud websites are emerging in all countries of the world, including the United States. The people must remain alert, smart, and beware of them.

What is Jemianna Clothing?


Jemianna Clothing has been a recently launched e-commerce website that provides women’s clothing, including tops, dresses, stockings, accessories, and shoes. The clothes are trendy and affordable. The company claims to get customers not only in the United States but throughout the world. 

A considerable discount was offered during Christmas to get the new buyers. There is a section on the left-hand side of the website showing various countries’ currencies, including the Dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, British pound, to claim its customers in these countries.


  • The physical address is not genuine.
  • URL: htttp://
  • Domain date: 30 October 2020
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • The company offers a refund and 15 days return policy. 
  • Shipping time up to 30 days
  • The company claims to sell high-quality designer clothes.
  • No exchange policy 
  • No contact number provided for any communication 
  • Free Shipping above $99
  • Newsletter section available 
  • Payment mode available through Visa card, Maestro card, American Express, JCB and Dinners club
  • Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Whatever be the specifications, the buyers should read our Jemianna Clothing Reviews before buying anything.

Pros of Jemianna Clothing

  • HTTPS connection reveals the secure connection 
  • The company sells fashionable and stylish stuff.
  • Email address is provided for customer queries. 
  • The affordable price of clothing brings new clients. 
  • Offers special discounts
  • Wide range and variety of clothing and shoes for girls and women
  • Refunding and return policy can take about 30 days.
  • The company provides many options for payment.

Cons of Jemianna Clothing

  • The clothes shown on the website are fake. They belong to some other store.
  • About us section is hidden.
  • A new website takes time to establish 
  • No contact number provided for the queries 
  • No fan following on Social media
  • Only negative reviews in the comments section
  • has given 0 # ranking in popularity. 

Is Jemianna legit or a scam?

Jemianna Clothing Reviews reveal that the company has attained only 2% in the trust section. The website was created just two months ago. It isn’t easy to get the buyers in such a short time. However, customers prefer old and famous websites for shopping.



The misleading address and lack of any contact number create suspicion. The website is not popular as there are no clients despite the sales and discount offers during Christmas. The company can not be trusted because of the beautiful images on the web for shopping. 

Customers Views 


With only negative reviews in the comment section, it tells that this online store is not getting new orders despite the beautiful and trendy clothes and shoes. 

The customers are not satisfied with the stuff. Some people claim that this is a Chinese website that keeps on changing its name. 0 ratings on reveals that the customers don’t search it for shopping of any accessories. 

Some of the clients reveal that they failed to get any response from the website.



The buyers are advised to spend their hard-earned money on some other shopping sites and stores. Jemianna Clothing Reviews are enough to convince the buyers that this website is not genuine for buying expensive clothes and shoes.

The customers can share their views with us by putting their comments in the comments box.

10 thoughts on “Jemianna Clothing Reviews”

  1. Unfortunately, I ordered from this site. Although the 2 products arrived in a timely manner … the pieces delivered were NOT what was shown on the site. One piece was not even close … it had partial plaid that was not at all what was shown. If they are cotton (as described) I’ll eat my hat! The fabrics are cheap.
    They say you can return it; but, I was charged $12 for shipping of $31 worth of products. So, shipping BACK to China (plus customs?) is probably not worth it. First, they offered a 15% refund (with no return) and when I still wanted to return the pieces they upped the offer to 25%.
    Lesson learned. Duh
    DON’T ORDER FROM Jemianna!

  2. I ordered some scarves and when I opened the package they turned out to be cheap and ugly imitations. They were nothing like the pictures in the ads. Do not buy their misleading products- it’s a scam. I ended up throwing the toy looking scarfs away.

  3. Unfortunately I ordered from this website and the merchandise was horrible! Sizes were not true and fabric was real cheap. When I wanted to return them, it was a difficult process and you have to return it to China which is more costly than the items. It is a scam! Do not order anything from here

  4. Wanda Joudrey

    Received 3 of the 4 items ordered, 2 will wear, one no way,( goes to goodwill) the 4th has yet to arrive and am not holding my breath. When I went back to the site through my email it says it’s not available. Never again.

  5. Kathryn Nichols

    This company has so many names I’ve lost count, and they all sell the same products based on photographs of clothing THEY DO NOT SELL. I can’t get free of their online advertising after one regrettable order from Zolucky, which is one of their MANY company names. The clothes they advertise are unique and interesting, and the products they ship are a total scam: unwearable, look nothing like the photograph, cheap construction (no finishing on the neckline of one shirt I ordered), false information about fabric content – it is all a cheap polyester that sometimes mimics the advertised garment as though they photographed the original article to create a print, and a misleading return policy – you must pay return shipping to China which is more costly than the items you purchased. Just don’t purchase from this company. You’ll end up with a sack full of trashy fabric that will clog your local landfill.

  6. The items I ordered smelled like rubber tires when they arrived. The items were sized incorrectly and looked nothing like the pictures on the website. Very disappointing and smelly!

  7. I did not do my due diligence and got scammed. Their products are not what is advertised and cheap and horrible quality. Do not buy from them!

  8. I ordered 3 pieces from them & all were not good quality I was so disappointed because the photos they have make them look so nice when I tried to return for a refund I was ghosted & never got a response! Everyone stay away from buying from them they are a scam. Don’t lose your $ like I did!!

  9. Sharon M Lupold-bradford

    I have had similar problem. Sizing is way off. The want is returned to china which is way more than I paid for the merchandise. This has been boing on for a couple of months. I have sent all email to Pay Pal and BBB, every time in correspond with them. Which has been every day. I know it is a scam. Sharon Bradford April 25 2021, Calif, order HBCUG00002789

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