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JustDropped Legit? Are you trying to find out whether or not Just Dropped.com is authentic or not? Well, then you have reached the right place. (August 2021) >> Go through this article to find out more. 

In this internet-driven age, the creation of domains has become very vital to operating on the internet. The domain databases available on the internet provide the users with information about the existing domains and other specifications. One such web page based in the United States is Just Dropped.com. In this article, we will brief you about the website and help you verify its legitimacy by providing its pros and cons along with its trust score and user reviews.

Just Dropped – A Brief Description


This web tool was first created in 2003 to assist domainers in gaining information about the domain names that have recently ceased to exist. However, it has now expanded its services to all the internet users, i.e., anyone can now access the data regarding web pages names. 

The site extends its services primarily in the United States. Nevertheless, people from around the world can still access the page’s services. 

The site’s administration constantly updates its database to keep up with the dynamic environment. Their database is always up to date and contains a large amount of information that proves to be extremely useful for people


Now, let’s look into whether or not JustDropped Legit?


  • Domain Name: www.justdropped.com 
  • Domain Age: Registered on 04-03-2003 at noon.
  • Based In: United States
  • Webpage owner: Dan Rubin.
  • Products Offered: deleted domain names, buying and selling domain names, domain name registration.
  • Contact Info: +1 (650) 262 0100.
  • Support E-mail ID: abuse@dynadot.com 


  • The web page has been established for over 18 years. 
  • A high number of web page visitors.
  • User reviews are available. 
  • The owner details are given.
  • Simple Interface.


  • No presence is detected on social networking sites.
  • No HTTPS encryption is attached.
  • No promotional activity is going on.
  • Expensive services.
  • Better alternatives are available. 

Whether or not JustDropped Legit?

We performed thorough research to verify the credibility of Just Dropped.com. Our research learned that the page has been active for over 18 years, which indicates that the page is quite trustable. 


Moreover, the web page has numerous visitors, and there is a considerable number of transactions taking place on the web page. The web page also reveals crucial information like the owner’s info and other contact details. It also acquired a trust score of 100%, which indicates that the site is extremely safe to use.

The page has also received many positive reviews from its customers, and they claimed that they were able to transact through the site successfully. However, some of the reviewers have said that their orders have not been delivered. Additionally, the site does not contain HTTPS encryption, so there is a chance of third parties stealing the user data from this site. The web page is also not active on any of the social media houses. 

What are the user’s opinions on Just Dropped.com?

We visited several web pages to find out whether the users think JustDropped Legit or not. Most of the reviewers have asserted to us that they are happy with its services. They are very satisfied with the marketplace where they can sell and buy domain names at desired rates.


Some negative reviews have stated that the website is highly pricey and better alternatives for this site. Some have also expressed that despite paying for the service, they did not receive the product or the ownership details. Apart from these minor issues, the site is beneficial, and its simple interface has helped a lot of people. 


ParametersYes/ No/ %
Social Media PresenceNo
Trust Score/ Percentage100%
Customer ReviewsYes
SSL EncryptionNo

Overall, it is fair to conclude that JustDropped Legitand is quite trustworthy. Its services are of top quality and the users can search for domain names from its large database. They can also buy, sell and register domain names using this site. So, if you are looking for a reliable domain to perform these tasks, you must consider trying out Just Dropped.com.

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