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Who didn’t hear about Keke palmer boyfriend? Everyone knows Keke palmer. And everyone also knows that when a person gets more famous, their fans want to know about their personal life. In this case, nothing exceptional happens. Her boyfriend is one of the most buzzing topics among her fans. Many people are curious to know about her boyfriend.

To satisfy their curiosity, we are here with an exciting article. We disclose all information related to her, her life, her family, her boyfriend, and many other things to discover. Many new updates are waiting for you in this article. Keep reading it to know more.

Who is Keke palmer?

The real name of keke is Lauren keyana palmer.Our discussion is based on Keke palmer boyfriend. She was born in 1993. She is one of the most famous American multi talented actresses, singers, and t.v show hosts. Her debut film is barbershop 2 in 2004. From this time, she never looks back. Yes, her career has many difficulties and ups and downs, but she never lost her hope. Apart from that, she was raised in a catholic family. 

What are the films she has done till now?


Apart from her personal life and Keke palmer boyfriend, we need to pay attention to her carrier. We created a whole list of her films which are mentioned below;

  • Barbershop 2.
  • Queen Latifah.
  • Knights of the South Bronx.
  • It’s the second time around.
  • Er.
  • Akeela and the bee.
  • Madea’s family reunion.
  • Cleaner.
  • Jump in.
  • Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.
  • Just Jordan.

We also share some of her awards to make you aware of how talented she is.

  • She won the young artists award, screen actor guild award, NAACP image award, Chicago film critics association award, black reel award, kids choice award, bet awards, spirits of leagues award Gala, and more prestigious awards.

Who is Keke palmer boyfriend?

According to sources, Darius Jackson is her boyfriend. She recently turned 28. Since then, her fans have been getting excited to know about her boyfriend. He is the younger brother of Sarunas Jackson. S. Jackson is also known for his excellent acting skills. Darius is quite popular among youngsters and has 7000 followers on Instagram. 

From their professional background, he is also a stud


.He is also affiliated with Inspire Fitness, a Southern California-based fitness firm. 

The company owns fitness studios in Orange County and other locations. It also streams workouts for audiences worldwide through its Inspire Fitness App.

He serves as the Production Supervisor at Inspire Fitness.


Darius and Sarunas also have an older brother named Marcus Jackson. From his Instagram, we can tell that Keke’s new man is very close to his family. He often shares pictures with his niece (Sarunas’ daughter) Zennie.

His Insta also reveals that the Jackson brothers are huge sports fans.

These are some interesting facts about his life.

How do the sources get to know about the relationship between Keke and D.Jackson?


Our sources notice many exciting things on Keke’s birthday. We are pointing out such things in the list below;

  • On Keke’s birthday, Darius posted as many as ten pictures with his new lady. The snaps feature the duo’s cute and cozy moments. 
  • There is also a video at the end that sees the two share their love and a kiss as they pose for the selfie camera.
  • In the caption, he wrote, “you’ve been a blessing from above & I thank you for showing me a lot of feelings I didn’t know I had in me & also seeing me as someone you can finally be yourself too.”
  • Finally expressing his love for the Hustlers star, he wrote, “enjoy your day, make the most of it & happy birthday. I love you.” Keke replied to the post, saying, “I love you, thank you.”

Aren’t these points indicating who Keke palmer boyfriend is?


We tried to serve you the best points and information about Keke Palmer’s boyfriend and her life. Hopefully, all your queries have been solved till now. According to our sources, it is visible that they are in love.

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